Top 7 Underrated K-Dramas That You Should Add To Your Watch List

Top 7 Underrated K-Dramas That You Should Add To Your Watch List

Maybe you should check out these films.

There are constantly underrated movies in the world of dramaland that many people are sadly not exposed to. Sometimes these dramas don’t quite meet the hype of people for many reasons and are either swept under the rug or noticed after the series is completed. Whatever the case, this feature is to shine a light on some of those dramas that you might not have known were worth watching!
Note: This list is in no particular order and there may be minor spoilers!

1. “Nine: 9 Times Time Travel”

This drama is the story of Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) is an anchorman who finds a way to travel backward in time. He is in love with Joo Min Young (Jo Yoon Hee), who is a journalist. Sun Woo travels back in time in order to help keep his family safe, but there are certain decisions he makes that affect things in the future. He is in a continuous fight for a time as he tries to make sure nothing bad happens to the people he loves in the future.

The story seems complex, but the one part of the story that will have you addicted is the love that Sun Woo has for Min Young. His being willing to risk everything for her is so dramatic and romantic, and the story has continuous cliffhangers that will make you anxious for the OTP to just be together. Although the time-traveling theme has been done before in K-dramas, there hasn’t been anything quite like this series and a lot of it is owed to the love line between Lee Jin Wook and Jo Yoon Hee.

2. “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”

with the star of Seo In Guk as Kim Moo Young and Jung So Min as Yoo Jin Kang, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” is definitely different from any K-drama you've watched this year. This drama is about Moo Young is a man with a lot of baggage who does not know anything about what happened to his parents when he was a child. He meets and falls in love with Yoo Jin Kang, and although her first impression of him is quite negative, she comes to falls in love with him as well. Jin Kang also being adopted as a child by her older brother (played by Park Sung Woong) plays into the entangled web of mystery that lies in their past.

It’s understandable why this series perhaps didn’t go on well with people. For one thing, the main lead is a mystery from the start, so it’s hard to find out that if he has good intentions or bad intentions. It takes a few good episodes to really understand his character and the tragic past he experienced that led him to become the shady and mysterious man that he is. Once this is settled, you really see the depth of love Moo Young has for Jin Kang and it chalks him up to total heartthrob status. This story will pull you in a direction that is unexpected until the very end. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

3. “Hyena”

It tells the story of Yoon Hee Jae (Joo Ji Hoon) falls in love with Jung Geum Ja (Kim Hye Soo) and makes it pretty obvious that he wants to be with her. What Hee Jae doesn’t know is that it’s all part of Geum Ja’s master plan to make him fall for her. Hee Jae is a lawyer at an elite law firm and Geum Ja is trying to do whatever she can to get high profile cases so that she can make more money. The two realize that they’re total opposites and are better off staying away from each other, that is until a specific case forces the two to work together.

I'm the one who not that into court/lawyer-themed K-dramas, but “Hyena” does an excellent job of attracting you in from the very first episode. The series is not only about cases that Hee Jae and Geum Ja are trying to solve, but it’s about injustice, truth, and love. The loyalty of the lawyer squad will continuously have you cheering for them and hoping that they come out on top. And we can’t forget about the sizzling chemistry and romance between Kim Hye Soo and Joo Ji Hoon – it’s the ultimate noona romance!

4. “Lucky Romance”

“Lucky Romance” stars Hwang Jung Eum as Shim Bo Nui and Ryu Jun Yeol as Je Soo Ho. Bo Nui is trying to earn money to support her sick sister who is in the hospital. Bo Nui gets the opportunity to work for Soo Ho, a CEO of a gaming company. Being a firm believer in luck and fortune, Bo Nui finds out that Soo Ho may be able to play a part in saving her sister while Soo Ho begins to develop strong feelings for her.

Considering the fact that Hwang Jung Eum is a rom-com queen, it’s no surprise that she delivered in this series. Seeing her in that hilarious rabbit costume in the first episode and trying to dodge her boss who has feelings for her makes this romantic comedy a perfect and light-hearted watch. If you’re not looking for a script with a lot of thinking and you want to just appreciate the romance between two adorable actors, “Lucky Romance” can’t be overlooked.

5. “Emergency Couple”

Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) meets Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) in medical school, and in spite of Chang Min’s family being very against it, the two decide to get married to each other. After many hardships and struggles within the marriage, they decide to get divorced. Jin Hee returns to being a medical student and interns at a hospital where she meets her now ex-husband Chang Min. The two must find out how to work together while putting aside their differences and emotions.

It’s a sweet romantic comedy with the context of the hospital, but it focuses a lot on the romance. There are a love triangle and other side love stories with the other doctors that are super cute and fun to watch. The flashbacks of when the OTP were younger is heartwarming as it deals with the first feelings of love as well as regret. On top of this, seeing Chang Min chasing Jin Hee around like a jealous puppy dog is thoroughly enjoyable. They are so cute together!

6. “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice”

After Mok Hye Won (Park Min Young) leaves Seoul and temporarily moves to the countryside with her aunt, she meets her old high school friend Im Eun Seob (Seo Kang Joon). Eun Seob has been in love with Hye Won since he first met her and is happy to hear that she won’t be leaving for a while. The two become friends again, and as they get to know each other more, they begin falling in love.

This drama is simple as it retells the past of two people who are in love with each other. Hye Won and Eun Seob have both experienced tragedy and hardships, and both find it difficult to trust people. When they realize that they can lean on one another, you see them slowly heal and become better people. It’s a healing drama that will take you into the depths of the characters’ hearts and will have you feeling refreshed and hopeful by the end.

7. “Kill It”

Jang Ki Yong stars as Kim Soo Hyun, a veterinarian by day and an assassin by night. Do Hyung Jin (Nana) moves into the same building that Soo Hyun’s animal hospital is in, and she tries to befriend him. Soo Hyun’s cold exterior doesn’t stop Hyun Jin from approaching him and turning to him for help. Soon, the two realize that their childhoods are intertwined with each other and they are both trying to discover the same secrets.

Kill It” is an action series that is more dark and heavy than average action K-drama. The real spotlight is on Kim Soo Hyun and the dark past he had that has led him to the dangerous life that he lives. There’s nothing good in his life, so when he meets Do Hyun Jin, she provides that bit of warmth and kindness. Their relationship doesn’t progress into anything really romantic, but since the drama is not exactly a romance, it’s not prevalent in the storyline. The action scenes are also that of movie quality and super badass!