8 interesting facts about Spanish TV series 'Money Heist'

8 interesting facts about Spanish TV series 'Money Heist'

Money Heist almost did not get a premiere date and was considered a failure until Netflix appeared and saved it, turnin...

Money Heist almost did not get a premiere date and was considered a failure until Netflix appeared and saved it, turning it into a big hit.

During the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, people start to stay at home and watch TV, especially Netflix. One of the hottest name on this streaming platform right now is Money Heist. 9 facts below will surprise you if you have watched the latest episodes of this hit.

The film almost didn't get premiered before it was released on Netflix

In season 1, this series is called La Casa de Papel and premiered in its native country - Spain. From the first episodes, the film has collected 4.5 million viewers on Antena 3. However, for unknown reasons, the number of viewers dropped significantly. Because the audience was low, the director and actor had seen it as a screen failure until Netflix acquired it. Netflix is ​​the savior of La Casa de Papel. The movie was added to the premiere list and renamed as Money Heist in the United States. When it appeared on Netflix, Money Heist became one of the most popular shows.


The whole season 1 was filmed in Spain


When we watch the film, we always see international scenes, but actually the crew never left their native land during season 1. The international scenes that we see were made up by lots of CGI. Money Heist is currently one of Netflix's best-selling movies, so the budget is much better now, the crew can fly to the international locations that they want for filming.

Money Heist is the most viewed show on Netflix in 6 countries

According to Netflix's statistics, Money Heist is the most viewed series in France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Portugal. In addition to these six countries, the film also has a large audience in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.


The script is written and added continuously during filming

We often think that in order to film a show, the director and the writer must have a completed script. But Money Heist is different, with such intricate and difficult escape scenes that has not been written beforehand. Filmmakers and writers wrote the script while filming, adding new ideas when something came up. If this is done, the writers can clearly understand the script and adjust its direction better. Therefore, if an actor, director, or someone else come up with something remarkable and can help the film become more impressive, they can always change it.

They hired a professional to replicate the bank robbery scene as genuine as possible


When looking at robbery scene, we will be really surprised about its professionalism. From breaking into a water-filled bunker to capturing a hostage, it's not just shooting. The filmmakers worked hard for this shot - they had been researching for a long time to make the robbery scene as realistic as possible. Money Heist paid for and hired a maritime expert with several people to help design the room and find the easiest way to melt gold in a bank and take it out. The plan advised by the expert was truly successful.

The two most difficult scenes to film in Money Heist but still can satisfy viewers

Of all scenes, there are two scenes that are harder to film: throwing money and diving in the water. When Denver (played by Jaime Lorente) stole the bank's gold while underwater and the team had to throw money into the air of a crowded public square. To have such a tank filled with water, the crew had to set the scene and shoot in a tank dedicated to special film production in the United Kingdom.


Stephen King and Neymar are two big fans of the series

When the movie was acquired by Netflix and became the most popular series, there were also big names that responded to it. Some of them are horror writer Stephen King and Brazilian football player - Neymar. Neymar loved the film so much that he even became a cameo in the film

The Professor is not a successful person

The film's producer explained that the Professor is a loser rather than a successful person. Most viewers think that he is a somewhat clumsy scholar who prefers to teach a class rather than to hang out with girls. But it is too risky to allow such a person to lead a robbery like this, which makes Money Heist hotter than ever. Professor's total dedication to the accuracy of the mission made us think he's quite reliable and talented.