Lupin: French Version Of Money Heist

Lupin: French Version Of Money Heist
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As a rookie but suddenly climbed to the top quickly, Lupin is the leading name on the top trending in many countries.

With the cooperation of two producers François Uzan and George Kay (who attracted customers thanks to the script Killing Eve), the crew helped Lupin become the first French work to be in the list of 10 most popular films. on the Netflix network in the US.

Launched for the first time, the Lupine series quickly rose to the top of the chart, becoming the most watched online content in many countries including France, the Netherlands, Mexico ... news Deadline, just two days after its release, "Lupin" grabbed number one on the Netflix network in the US. Before that, no French-produced feature film had reached such a high level.

Just from the content to the logical intertwining of the film


In terms of the film's plot, actor Omar Sy plays Assane Diop, an intelligent thief, acutely imitating Arsène Lupin's plot to steal the wealth of the rich. But Assane's main aim (with a phonetic almost identical to Arsène) is to unjust his father, seeking evidence that he is innocent. Twenty-five years ago, Assane's father passed away in prison, falsely accused and convicted after a robbery.

To fulfill his risky goal, Assane transformed into countless people, dressed in the uniforms of cleaning people, diamond buyers, cycling for delivery. Thanks to the "invisible" identity and talented acting, Assane (Lupine) has easily mixed into a crowded place, conducting thefts. Assane's journey also contains meaningful stories about social issues such as racism and skin color.

At the beginning, the film evokes many investigative clues about the death of the father. The director did not force the audience to learn too much about the origin of the main character, but from episode 1, the audience was anxiously watching Assane Diop's first mission. The "crazy" twists constantly being given throughout the 5 episodes make viewers curious because it is difficult to predict. Besides, there are many action scenes to make a highlight, worthy of Hollywood movies. The details were threaded together through thefts at the Louvre. Director Louis Leterrier deserves praise for creating a new movie that forces the audience to watch.

In the following episodes, flashback flashbacks are interwoven with reality, slowing the pace of the film, some investigative clues have not been fully exploited such as the interview with the corrupt police officer. Dumont. In addition, Lupine is sympathetic for using the old character (Lupine) as inspiration for a whole new story. While taking advantage of Lupin's available fan base, it creates curiosity in the hearts of viewers. Diop's revenge journey is both adventurous and challenging. He deliberately angered his fellow inmates to injure himself. Thereby, performing the approach of an old acquaintance of his father while in prison, find the hidden clues in the book that he left behind.

The protagonist Assane is truly a "master of transformation", weighing everything from makeup to magic tricks

The most impressive statement in Assane's opening episode: "When I work as a laborer, when I become a billionaire" partly showed the audience that the level of fraud is not his medium. All plans to steal "the Queen's necklace" - treasures associated with the history of France have been calculated by Assane as gods. He pretended to be a laborer in the Lourve museum, created a fake profile to participate in the diamond auction, tricked his greedy accomplices into traps and outdid the inspector.

To get a clue to his father's final legacy, Assane swaps his identity with a criminal in prison, changing the handcuffs in a flash. Especially the perfect fake death to escape prison has surpassed the police. The five newly released episodes that received towering reviews from the audience were enough to show that this was a successful 2021 opening film by Netflix.