5 best Netflix's original movies in the first half of 2020

5 best Netflix's original movies in the first half of 2020

In order to make up for cinema blockbusters which almost disappeared due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix brought to t...

In order to make up for cinema blockbusters which almost disappeared due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix brought to the audience a series of quality original movies.

From unique horrors genre to action blockbusters and even documentaries… Netflix proved their diversity by exploring more and more topics. Half a year passed, it was only the end of the spring film season, but many attractive works have left their marks in the viewers' hearts. Below is a list of the best original movies released in the first half of the year by Netflix .

The Half of It


Right from the beginning, The Half of It stated that it is not a movie about love, but rather a journey to discover one's true self. The film does not follow the classic motif with the female lead transforming from "duck to swan", but focus on the way she breaks down the prejudices that exists in her own mind. Only after that could she finally chase her true love. The film is currently receiving high praise from the critics for its new love message and gentle, lovely but not outdated guide.



It's hard for the audience to have a top-notch action movie outside of the theater, but Netflix has managed to blow all of its users away with a series of fight scenes in Extraction. Fighting, chasing and then continuing to fight, for 2 hours, the movie makes the viewers' hearts pound and renders them unable to take their eyes off the screen. The highlight is the appearance of Chris Hemsworth in the role of the notorious mercenary Tyler Rake. He received a large amount of money to save the son of a drug lord in the middle of the most dangerous city in the world: Bangladesh.

A Secret Love


This documentary about the true love of two women will surely make the LGBT+ community feel more excited and moving than ordinary movie works. Pat Henschel and professional baseball player Terry Donahue have been in a relationship for nearly 7 decades and they kept their love story from almost everyone around. The audience will get to see the couple's unrivaled love as well as the difficulties caused by prejudice in the past society. All prove one thing: the power of love is stronger, deeper than all the hatred and envy of the world.

Horse Girl


Sarah is a handicraft shop worker who likes to be alone and is extremely keen on horses and supernatural crime programs. Sarah often had lucid dreams and suddenly one day, they all turned into reality, confusing her about what is real and what isn't. The work will carry the audiences into two distinctly different directions. Some viewers will not believe what happened in the film and think it was because Sarah was mentally ill. Others will believe in the theories of time loops and aliens. The work will have no specific explanation, which makes the content very vague, but it is a unique and somewhat bizarre experience that Netflix brings to viewers.

Lost Girls


Lost Girls tells the story of a woman named Mari Gilbert who is suffering greatly from the disappearance of her daughter. Because the police did not take action, she was forced to investigate on her own in the Long Island. Here, Mari discovers that countless prostitutes have been missing. The film is inspired by real events written in the book 'Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery' by Robert Kolker. The film is not dramatic but deep enough for the audience to feel the pain of the mother who lost her child, as well as the power of the media and the police when dealing with cases involving prostitutes.