These 7 Korean Female Stars Selected As Most Stunning Beauties in Swimsuits by Elle Korea

These 7 Korean Female Stars Selected As Most Stunning Beauties in Swimsuits by Elle Korea

Jennie (BLACKPINK), Jessica Jung, Hyomin (T-ara) ... will make you miss the hot summer ever.

The hot summer is over and it is now is the icy wintertime. But Elle Korea magazine still holds the summer vibe by selecting a list of 7 Korean female stars wearing the best swimsuits. What attracts most is that these stars do not reveal too much but still manage to look hot and seductive to the fullest.

In this list, the most prominent is the 1st place of Jennie (BLACKPINK). The number 1 IT Girl in Kpop does not need to be too bold, still makes people love her because it is so beautiful, too luxurious. Following Jennie are 2 popular female idols Jessica Jung and Hyomin (T-ara). Although entering the age of 30, the two female idols are still able to "cut tight" in outstanding swimsuits.


Although not too bold, Jennie still "burned the eyes" of viewers with her slim body, long, eye-catching legs, and extremely sexy charisma. This image helped Jennie rank #1 in the list of Korean female stars wearing the best swimsuits, even though it once made fans feel furious because ... too little parts being revealed!

Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung is the second name on the list of Elle Korea. This year is 31 years old, but the former SNSD member still retains a slim figure and a young face. The little hint of her stunning chest and gorgeous long legs made the summer heat even hotter than ever.

Hyomin (T-ARA)

Hyomin (T-ara) is one of the hottest female idols in the second generation. Hyomin has an ideal height, long legs, and hot curves, making her extremely sexy though she only wore a simple bathing suit. Although Hyomin's figure is hidden in this swimsuit, the curve is still enough to make people "lose blood".

Kim Na Young

Possessing a height of 1m70 with long legs, standard body, Kim Na Young easily catching all the eyes of people on the beach when wearing a hot swimsuit. Already 39 years old, the actress still maintains an admirable youthful stature.

Ki Eun Se

Hospital Playlist actor - Ki Eun Se is 5th place on this list. The 35-year-old beauty has a standard body, which gorgeous figures so it is easy for her to "weigh" all sexy swimsuits.

Kim Soo Mi

Hotgirl Kim Soo Mi is the name favored by the Korean Elle magazine, ranked 6th. Without being bold, Kim Soo Mi is still extremely sexy.


The Korean "makeup wizard" Risabae also appeared on this list. Beautiful, luxurious, and subtly seductive are the things that can be said about Risabae when wearing a swimsuit.

Who is your favorite in swimsuits?


What's Special About This Picture That Makes Jennie Delete It Immediately?

On a cold winter day, netizens suddenly dug a series of photos Jennie and BLACKPINK's teammates went to Hawaii to rest. Going to the sea, of course, the girls have to wear swimsuits, but unfortunately, swimwear in the opinion of BLACKPINK is even more discreet than the costumes performed on stage.


However, Jennie still makes people flutter with an elegant swimsuit but still manages a strong image enough with her long straight legs and a flat waist without any excess fat.


In another photo, Jennie carefully wore a skirt over her swimsuit, making fans regret that she refused to show off her body. But Jennie's straight shoulders like a hanger and her collarbones are enough for everyone to notice.


And this is the picture that Jennie quickly deleted after posting on Instagram, but the online community was even faster to save it.


A photo of Jennie taken from behind while she was wearing a bikini. It's rare for Jennie to show off her bareback like this, so even though the photo only took the BLACKPINK member's upper half, netizens are also very excited.


This picture even has a more vibrant atmosphere of summer. Although Jennie is not the member with the best body in BLACKPINK, but seeing Jennie in a bikini can know what her desirable body is. Slim body but not too thin, slim legs, small waist, and smooth skin are more than enough for people to admire, occasionally revealing it.