Jessica Shocked Dispatch As Being Female Idol With Massive Asset After Departure from SNSD

Jessica Shocked Dispatch As Being Female Idol With Massive Asset After Departure from SNSD

The article about Jessica's own company revenue and wealth has climbed to No. 1 on Dispatch news site.

On November 29, the article revealed the revenue of BLANC & ECLARE - the fashion brand of "frozen princess" Jessica Jung suddenly climbed to the top of the hottest news on Dispatch. According to the article, in 2019 alone, the fashion brand's revenue is up to 20 billion won.

This huge number has surprised many people. The former SNSD member's fashion brand was first launched in August 2014, from a brand specializing in selling sunglasses, so far Jessica has expanded her business to many different fashion products. BLANC & ECLARE also especially received the love from celebrities, there are a series of Korean stars dressed in the company such as Jennie (BLACKPINK), TWICE, Red Velvet, AOA, EXID ... Worth mentioning, this is the work Jessica established when she left SNSD which caused a lot of noise. Now, after leaving the group, Jessica has surprised the public with her ability to work her own legacy and become a giant typhoon in Kbiz.

Since leaving SNSD, Jessica has been extremely busy working in many areas such as running her own fashion label, debuting as a solo singer and recently releasing her first novel. With the high frequency of activities, it is not difficult to understand that she spends more time in hotels around the world than at home. Jessica's "check-in" photo series in luxury hotels quickly caused a fever. If you go to Jessica's Instagram, you will be overwhelmed and dazzled by a series of "money-scent" pictures of her.

Jessica was born into a wealthy family in San Francisco, USA, whose father is a lawyer. Ever since she was a trainee, she and her sister Krystal were "bought" by her parents for a private $2 million apartment. According to tvN's The List 2016 program, Jessica ranked 5th in the list of the richest tycoons in Kbiz, now owns more than 50 fashion stores across major cities such as Seoul, Hong Kong, New York. .. Former SNSD member is also a real estate giant when he owns a high-class apartment worth billions of won in Seoul.

She's truly the definition of a girl who does it so well in managing her life - being a gorgeous celebrity and successful businesswoman.


Jennie Makes Fans Excited When Wearing Outfit From Jessica Jung's Brand

Being famous for wearing beautiful and "sold-out" title, every time Jennie shows up is a chance for people to admire and look up to her fashion. Some will buy those clothes to look like Jennie, some just secretly search because she's "human Chanel" - fancy and fabulous. Of course, the main rapper also wears clothes from lots of street brands but the highlight of this story is that what she wears is always a favorite subject of netizens.

Yesterday, Jennie went on Instagram to post some adorable of her wearing a cute beret. It is nothing too serious if fans do not find that the beret she wore was from BLANC & ECLAR - a fashion brand run by Jessica Jung.

Some other pictures she just posted on Instagram yesterday:

The fans were extremely excited because this was not the first time that Jennie dressed from Jessica's brand. Last time she also appeared in a cute BLANC & ECLARE baby blue gingham jacket design and the interesting thing is that Jessica also wore that shirt on her Instagram.

Fans also realized that the two had "sneaked" to eat together and most recently in the video uploaded to Youtube, Jessica excitedly danced a part of Jennie's SOLO song.

A new duo of sisters is coming to town? Why not?