Jennie and Rosé Have Perfect Ant Waist Thanks To These Piece-of-cake Tips

Jennie and Rosé Have Perfect Ant Waist Thanks To These Piece-of-cake Tips

If you want a body with 0% fat like Jennie, Rosé BLACKPINK, remember this interesting rule of eating.

Speaking of idols with the most desirable standard body, it is impossible not to mention Jennie and Rosé of BLACKPINK. Not possessing a remarkable height, but both have a standard body with a perfect ant waist so they look quite high. In order to have such a physique, the two BLACKPINK members also have their own secrets.

Jennie: Dividing meals into small portions and NO INSTANT NOODLES

If it comes to the name that owns the "best" body in K-Pop, it will be flawed if not including Jennie BLACKPINK. Jennie is not tall, she is only about 1m62, but her body looks extremely balanced and admirable. She has exquisite horizontal shoulders, she is slim but still "has fleshy skin" and a small waist. To get that body 0% excess fat, the rule of eating that Jennie follows is to eat small portions of meals and not eat instant noodles.

This way of eating helps to control food intake. Remember that eating small pieces will help you feel fuller faster. And instant noodles are the enemy of weight loss because they contain a lot of fats and carbohydrates that both make us gain weight quickly and are not good for health.

Rosé: Lots of vegetables and drinking cold water

The figure of the female idol born in 1997 is really admired by many people because she is both slender and healthy and full of vitality. She always makes many people admire her every time she wears croptop or sexy clothes.

Rosé's rule of eating is 3 things to eat a lot: green vegetable salads (especially fresh, crunchy vegetables), fruit with a sour taste and cold water. She also especially likes vegetable rolls such as Vietnamese spring rolls. Besides, Rosé prefers to drink cold water rather than warm water because it gives her a feeling of health and becomes fuller faster.

Besides, both are super enthusiastic about daily dance exercises. In addition, both are also passionate about Pilates - a sport that enhances health, stretches muscles effectively, burns more calories to make the body softer and more attractive. So just knowing the 2 tips of these girls you can apply the right weight loss diet.


Here Is Secret For A Perfect Youthful Body of BLACKPINK Jennie

On July 7, 2019, BLACKPINK Jennie showed off her gorgeous figure as she worked out to her personal Instagram account.

The secret for her body figures that BLINKs have been curious about? Pilates.

Here Is Secret For A Perfect Youthful Body of BLACKPINK Jennie

The idol did not shy away from the cameras and proudly showed off her figure. In one of the photos, she is seen with one of her legs straight up in the air, showing off her flexibility.

Here Is Secret For A Perfect Youthful Body of BLACKPINK Jennie

Pilates is known to be difficult due to how intensely it works out the core. Known for strengthening and toning the body, it is common to experiences sores after working out and your muscles burn during the workout itself. Just shows how much dedication Jennie put into her workout routine to get that body!

Here Is Secret For A Perfect Youthful Body of BLACKPINK Jennie

Among all the members of BLACKPINK, Jennie is not the one who has a slim figure like Rosé or Lisa but she always looks healthy and youthful with a curvy body that helps her to look gorgeous and beautiful. Not to mention her tiny waist with abs that she usually shows it off for stage outfit or her daily fashion.

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Not everyone was born with a perfect body naturally. Even those people who were praised for their physical figures also have their own parts that they are insecure about.

What we could take from Jennie is that it is important and necessary to embrace yourself, love, and take care of it. Each one’s body is a thing that people could take most control of. Last but not least, everyone is beautiful in their own way so no need to compare you with anybody else.