Kim Myung Soo (INFINITE L) Describes His 20s In Pictorial With THE STAR Magazine

Kim Myung Soo (INFINITE L) Describes His 20s In Pictorial  With THE STAR Magazine

Actor Kim Myung Soo (L of boy group INFINITE) was chosen as the cover model of the February's issue of THE STAR magazine.

In the pictorial released by THE STAR magazine, Kim Myung Soo showed a tense appearance under the theme of "L vs Kim Myung Soo". The singer-turned actor delivered an unexpected charm as INFINITE L and actor Kim Myung Soo, such as looking charismatically at the camera or feeling relaxed leaning on the sofa. In particular, it was said that he constantly asked questions and prepared thoroughly than anyone else at the photoshoot, receiving praise from the staff as "A well-prepared actor".

In a short interview, Kim Myung Soo expressed his feelings about the photoshoot and how he felt before joining the military, "I don't know if this photoshoot will be the last one before I join the army," adding, "There is no big reason for why I apply for the Marine Corps." "I want to go home safe," he said.

When asked why he chose the role of 'Sung Yi Gyeom' in the drama 'Royal Secret Agent', Kim Myung Soo said, "I loved the fact that it was a TV series. I was attracted to Sung Yi Gyeom, who lived a prodigal life, gradually grow up as a secret agent."

Kim Myung Soo will release a solo song before joining the army. "I've always wanted to sing a song and let you hear a good song," he explained. "This song contains a story related to memory, and the lyrics are really good with a lyrical atmosphere. When you listen to it, you will feel calm and mushy."

Also, when asked to describe his 20s in one sentence, Kim Myung Soo, who turned 30 this year, said calmly, "I lived diligently," and said, "I didn't change much because I became 30 years old. I'm always the same. I know I'm getting older than I was last year, but..."

"If there is something I lacked, I tried to improve it. That way, people's trust and expectations for me will be created. I worked hard and did my best in any given situation," he said.

Lastly, when asked what kind of person, actor, and singer he wants to be in the future, he replied, "I don't want to be any kind of person. I hope I can develop my abilities in the current situation and become a 'richer' person myself."