'Crash Landing on You' Couple - Son Ye Jin Receives Offer For Hollywood Film, HyunBin Chosen As 1st Global Ambassador

'Crash Landing on You' Couple - Son Ye Jin Receives Offer For Hollywood Film, HyunBin Chosen As 1st Global Ambassador

Son Ye Jin and HyunBin get their fans excited by new info in their career...

Actor Son Ye Jin, who once again fascinated fans not only in Korea but also overseas with his super-strong acting ability in this year's hottest drama 'Crash Landing on You'. In this pictorial with 'Bride&U', she showed her elegant beauty by digesting simple yet classic mood outfits. Son Ye Jin was selected as the first muse of BRIDE&U on its 10th anniversary.

Son Ye-jin has always transformed into the best actor for over 20 years. In an interview that was held together, she said, "Even if I accidentally took a break while waiting for work, I seldom took a break on purpose. It is also a part of myself that I am proud of. Being able to consistently show my work, and that my passion did not stop me. I was tired from moment to moment and there was a slump, but fortunately, I was able to overcome it through the work".

I was able to confirm the rumors about the overseas expansion that I heard continuously. Son Ye Jin, who is discussing appearance in the Hollywood movie 'Cross', said, "In fact, I didn't have any special greed before that. I was overwhelmed with Korean work, but I was afraid that I could be good at acting in foreign languages." She continued, "But now, I think when will I be able to take this challenge? If I have a good opportunity, I would like to try hard and willing to do it. I have an expectation that I will get a lot while bumping into it." She showed her excitement.

More pictorials and interviews of actor Son Ye-jin can be found in the December issue of 'Elle' and 'Elle' website.

Along with Son ye Jin, actor Hyunbin was selected as the first Korean ambassador for the luxury brand of watch OMEGA.

On the 18th, the agency VATS Entertainment announced that actor Hyunbin, who is gaining global popularity through the drama 'Crash Landing on You', was selected as the first global ambassador of the Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega (hereinafter referred to as OMEGA) in Korea.

In the published photos, HyunBin overwhelms the gaze with her unrivaled visuals and deep gaze, and soft charisma.

Raynald Aeschlimann, CEO of OMEGA, said, "Hyunbin has an excellent ability to express boldly and confidently the character he wants to show. We believe that the excellence and subtle detail he pursues in his career is what OMEGA has to offer. I also found it in line with the values I wanted to share."

Hyunbin selected, "Omega's pioneering spirit and the constant pursuit of innovation transcends times and has made many first steps in history. As an ambassador, I am looking forward to delivering OMEGA's philosophy and message and making a new footprint together. I gave my impressions".

Meanwhile, Hyunbin is gaining popularity at the level of the syndrome, both domestically and internationally through 'Crash Landing on You'. Recently, he filmed the movie 'Bargaining' in Jordan.