Beauty tips from Chungha, MONSTA X Kihyun, Tiffany and more

Beauty tips from Chungha, MONSTA X Kihyun, Tiffany and more

The following beauty tips are among the decisive factor for a smooth, shiny skin that many Korean idols apply. Chun...

The following beauty tips are among the decisive factor for a smooth, shiny skin that many Korean idols apply.

Chungha: Use 3 make-up removers:


'Double cleansing' is among the beauty tips that are quite popular for people who love skincare. However, for Chungha, ;triple cleansing' is the optimal. This is a method of using 3 cleaning solutions to completely remove dirt and make-up from the face.

Firstly, Chungha uses a special makeup remover for her eyes and lips, then an oil-based makeup remover to clean the entire makeup. Finally, she washes her face with a water-based cleanser. The singer said, "No matter how many good products you use, your skincare routine will not work if the skin is not cleaned properly."

Kihyun (Monsta X) - Slap the face hard


Patting to get better penetration rate is quite common in Korean skin care manuals. But for Kihyun, patting is considered too gentle when using serums or other thick liquids.

He said that when you slap your face, the nutrients will penetrate to skin most effectively, and the face is also massaged. A member of MONSTA X said, "He was like slapping himself in the face. The sound Kihyun made actually sounded like a slap."

Tiffany Young: Exfoliate with various brands


People are often loyal to an exfoliator or any skincare product that works well on their skin and leaves no allergy marks. But Tiffany's beauty tips are to try and use as many exfoliators and beauty products as possible.

The SNSD member owns a huge collection of physical and chemical exfoliators and uses them alternately. For Tiffany, it is very rare to reuse an exfoliating product within 2 months. Her regular exfoliation makes the skin smooth, while promoting faster cell renewal.

Hyelin (EXID): Only use Vaseline


Compared to other idols, Hyelin has a rather simple skincare routine that consists of only 2 steps: Wash your face and apply Vaseline. EXID members all revealed that Hyelin has healthy skin so she doesn't need to use too many cosmetics.

Vaseline is famous for being one of the best moisturizing products for the skin. This cream contains special ingredients such as petroleum that can "lock" the skin surface, preventing water molecules from evaporating, as well as softening the skin. In the dry, cold winter, this is the "cure" for cracked, flaky skin.

JooE (MOMOLAND): Use the pinky fingers to apply cosmetics


JooE shares the secret of anti-aging for the skin is to apply cosmetics with just the pinkie fingers. This finger is often recommended for the eyes - the most sensitive area on the face. But with the Korean female idol, she always uses them with every step in the skincare routine.

The little finger is said to have the lightest force of all fingers. So dermatologists and beauty bloggers still recommend using the little finger to apply products to the eye area to prevent wrinkles and reduce the impact on the eyeballs.