Chungha Pens Heartfelt Letter After Officially Parting Ways With MNH Entertainment

Chungha Pens Heartfelt Letter After Officially Parting Ways With MNH Entertainment

Chungha’s contract with MNH Entertainment has officially come to an end.

In late March, MNH Entertainment announced that Chungha would be leaving the agency following the end of her exclusive contract in April. The agency also shared that Chungha would not be releasing the second part of her studio album “Bare&Rare” due to internal circumstances.

On April 29, Chungha shared the following handwritten letter on her fan cafe to her fans BYULHARANG after parting ways with the agency:

Are you doing well?
I’m sorry it’s been so long since I came to greet you.
After sharing the news that I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise regarding the release of “Bare&Rare Pt. 2,” I didn’t know how to speak up to you all or from where I should begin conveying my apologetic heart, so after thinking lots, I am bringing it up like this now.

Chungha Pens Heartfelt Letter After Officially Parting Ways With MNH Entertainment

After first hearing the news that I wouldn’t be able to release the album, I had no choice but to wait until it was officially announced through the agency to BYULHARANG.
I’m really, so, so sorry for not being able to keep my promise to those who were waiting for the Pt. 2 album and for letting you know so late.
If the opportunity arises, I will try to release the Pt. 2 that BYULHARANG has been waiting for in a new place!

The last thing I want to say to BYULHARANG is asking you to wait, but I keep doing it…
Despite that, I’ve come to ask once again that you wait.

Chungha To Leave MNH Entertainment

I’m sure my BYULHARANG knows already, but my contract with MNH Entertainment, who I have been with since my debut up until now, has ended as of today.
Since this is an agency where we relied on each other a lot and helped each other grow in such a difficult environment, it was so hard to make this decision.
Eventually, after a lot of thinking, I came to this decision with the thought that while familiar environments are nice too, I want to grow and learn a variety of things in a slightly new and unfamiliar environment.

Thanks to MNH, I was able to debut, meet BYULHARANG, and make our many precious memories.
And now, I’ve gained the courage to take on another new challenge because I have BYULHARANG!
So would you be able to wait a little bit until I can share news from a new environment?

I have been communicating with my BYULHARANG through various social media channels, like my fan cafe, Bubble, YouTube, and more.
As you know, I wasn’t personally in charge of these social media accounts.
As a result, I don’t think I’ll be able to share news on these channels for the time being.
Since these are spaces where my memories with BYULHARANG up until now are gathered, it’d be great if I could continue communicating with these existing channels in the future too…
Although this is not confirmed, depending on the situation later on, I may greet you in a new place with a new channel.

I worried whether it was right to convey this news in case I worried BYULHARANG again, who is always worrying about me.
But I came to write this with the thought that this may become a situation where I leave after leaving behind only frustration to my fans who are waiting for me.
I am also a bit worried as speculative talk or misunderstandings can potentially be created in the process of me conveying this.
I hope that this is accepted simply as the necessary procedure resulting from the conclusion of my contract with the agency.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who helped my and MNH’s growth up until now, as well as the many people who sent their generous love and support.
Although we’ve each come to walk separate paths in the future, I ask for your consistent support and interest and I will update my fans not too late in a new place.

BYULHARANG, thank you so much and I’m so sorry! And I really, really, star you!!
See you soon~!"

Chungha, who first debuted as a member of the “Produce 101” project group I.O.I in 2016, went on to make her debut as a solo artist in 2017. Her last comeback was in July of last year, when she released “Bare&Rare Part.1.”

Wishing Chungha all the best moving forward!

Source: Soompi