Here’s How Singer-Songwriter JUNNY Ended Up Working With K-Pop Queen Chungha On “Color Me”

Here’s How Singer-Songwriter JUNNY Ended Up Working With K-Pop Queen Chungha On “Color Me”

“Being able to work on a song together was surreal.”

Korean Canadian singer-songwriter JUNNY recently dropped “Color Me,” a whole summer bop, featuring the K-Pop idol Chungha (also known as Chung Ha). And in an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, he shared how the dream collaboration came together!

JUNNY | @mauve_company/Instagram

The song emerged from JUNNY’s desire to “show [his] fans a different side…as opposed to the bright and soft image [he has] been pushing in [his] recent releases.”

This song actually means so much to me because it’s a first ever release in my own artist name with my long time K-Pop songwriter MinGtion. I wanted to show my fans a different side of me, as opposed to the bright and soft image I’ve been pushing in my recent releases. Working on this song, I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of sound. Visually though, it was definitely a challenge. But I’m very happy with how it all turned out! — JUNNY

Upon completing the demo version of “Color Me,” he knew the second verse had to be Chungha. With songwriter MinGtion’s previous connection, JUNNY was able to have Chungha feature on the song and, as he called it, “the track was an absolute dream coming to fruition.”

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As soon as the demo for “Color Me” was finished, all I could think about was Chungha during the second verse and I felt like it would be the perfect feature. Fortunately, MinGtion had worked with her on a previous project and we were able to send the demo directly to Chung Ha! And, thankfully, she liked the song! So asking her to be a part of the track was an absolute dream coming to fruition. — JUNNY

JUNNY celebrated the collaborative work, thanking Chungha for “giving life” to the song. Looking back on working with her, he revealed what a sweet and humble queen she is!

I’ve always wanted to work with her because I’ve been a big fan of her’s and being able to work on a song together was surreal. She’s such a sweet person and very humble as well! Big shoutout to Chungha once again! I thank her so much for giving this song life and I’m so excited for her comeback this year! — JUNNY

As a singer-songwriter, with a lot of experience producing for K-Pop idols and himself, JUNNY doesn’t actually prefer one over another. The act of songwriting and producing for others is certainly different from doing so for himself, but he loves both equally!

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I don’t have a preference between producing for others vs. producing for myself. I enjoy both equally but I feel there is a big difference between writing for someone other than yourself. I always compared writing for others as trying to find the right style of clothes for a certain person. When writing for myself, on the other hand, I have endless styles that I want to try and figure out. It takes trial and error, but I eventually find my own color. — JUNNY

And, with such musical versatility—as well as a big open mind to take on new styles, he looks forward to working with anyone and everyone all over the world.

Listen to “Color Me” here.

Source: Koreaboo