4 Stunning Accessories That Highlight The Goddess-like Beauty of BLACKPINK Jisoo

4 Stunning Accessories That Highlight The Goddess-like Beauty of BLACKPINK Jisoo

As expected of Black Pink’s visual, Jisoo’s beautiful and sweet beauty “challenges” all kinds of accessories.

1. Headbands

The headband or mane is a fashion item that girls cannot lack in their wardrobe. Jisoo also loves wearing headband accessories in her hair. Jisoo often chooses a headband with her outfit. There are many types of headband with bright colors or a little bit of cake, but when she combines, the overall look is very gentle and feminine.

2. Big hair bow tie

The image of Jisoo with a big hair bow in the song "How you like that" used to storm because her beauty was so beautiful, sharp and ghostly combined with a large hairpin behind her. extremely feminine. Trendy buying Jisoo hairpin until now has not shown signs of cooling down.

In addition, when she has a ponytail, the highlight is the bow tied on top of her head that looks extremely cute and prominent. Maybe for many people will think that the big bows will be cheesy and only suitable for children. However, when you know how to combine with outfits and makeup, it will definitely bring an unexpected effect.

3. Hairpin

As a very trendy girl, Jisoo loves to use hairpins. From sparkling big briefs or cute little colored pins, to ribbon pins have also become a unique idea, … with beautiful little clips to help her look both cute and attractive.

4. Hats

Hats are definitely an indispensable accessory for every lady. The hat always best reflects the personality of each girl for each different style. Jisoo owns very unique hats and this is her favorite item, it is a personality bucket hat, a very luxurious newsboy hat, or a very trendy and fashionable hat like this…

Which styles do you like most?


BLACKPINK Jisoo Showcases Her Energetic Childlike Beauty In 'Harper's Bazaar'

The brand new December issue of 'Harper's Bazaar' magazine will feature the eclectic child, BLACKPINK Jisoo!

Currently active as a lovely global ambassador for 'Dior', Jisoo modeled luxurious 2021 'Dior Cruise' collection styles with her signature, cute and sassy aura. The theme of the pictorial was 'What to do on My First Day Off in Awhile?'

The visual of BLACKPINK looks cute and naughty at the same time when slaying the messy long black hair and sitting comfortably on the kitchen table. The whole concept has the vintage gold color which makes Jisoo shines more like a fairy.

How could someone looks so perfect in violet and a table full of breakfast?

What should I do when ironing clothes become a bit more tired? Just casually hang your leg on!

Ooops! Just craving for some flowers!

"I'm the ambassador of Dior. I want to tear a paper apart with a Dior bag aside".