3 K-Pop Girls With An Ocean Of Sorrow In Their Eyes

3 K-Pop Girls With An Ocean Of Sorrow In Their Eyes

Although every female idol in the K-Pop industry has their own unique beauty, we can still divide them into certain groups. There are idols who exude a sense of luxury, leading the trend. There are idols with a strong, attractive aura. And there are also idols with an innocent beauty.

However, there is a type of beauty that is often less mentioned, but still melts netizens' hearts every time they make an appearance. They are beauties with a sad and gentle aura, most expressed through their eyes. Just looking at them makes other people's sad and emotional.

The reason they are scarcely mentioned is because there are very few female idols possessing such beauty. A topic on Theqoo forum titled 'Rare Female K-Pop idols With A Sad Beauty' recently became the talk of the town. In this article, only 3 names are listed. Theqoo users describe them as follows: "In their eyes, there are millions of stories and thousands of concerns that cannot be told. These 3 faces make anyone, when looking at them, feel an ocean of sorrow."













Here are some comments from Knet about the 3 female idols with the saddest eyes in K-Pop:

  • "It's Mina! She is the best when it comes to a sad beauty of K-Pop."
  • "I agree, it's Mina and Hana."
  • "I don't know why, but looking at them, I feel they are both beautiful and fragile."
  • "Their beauty seems to contain a lot of sadness in it."
  • "(G)I-DLE also has Miyeon."
  • "How can Hana be so pretty? She is really beautiful."
  • "Thanks for mentioning Hana. She deserves to be more popular."
  • "When I first know Shuhua, I have this sad feeling every time I look into her eyes, but later on, I find her very cheerful, lovely, so that feeling is lost."
  • "Mina is like the last princess of a fallen empire. Her face showed a hundred, million pains."
  • "I feel that Mina and Hana are the saddest here. Shuhua looked pure and innocent, rather than sad."

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