Top 5 Female Idols Are Most Perfect For the Elegant Concept

Top 5 Female Idols Are Most Perfect For the Elegant Concept

With their gentle and dignified beauty, these five female idols all match the elegant concept the best. Keep on reading to find out who was selected!

1. Kim Minju

Kim Minju

(Photo : Kim Minju Instagram)

Kim Minju, formerly of IZ*ONE, is one of the most prominent faces of the new generation of K-pop. With her pure and feminine innocence, the female idol perfectly suits the elegant concept. Due to her gentle visuals and ability to digest classy, luxurious clothing, many hope she continues pursuing the classy concept, especially when she makes her debut as an idol once more.

2. Red Velvet Irene


(Photo : Irene Instagram)

Red Velvet's "original visual" Irene possesses a cold, mysterious beauty, which perfectly matches the classic, European-style concept. Furthermore, avant-garde accessories manage to look amazing on the idol, making her look like an aristocrat. While promoting "Monster" in 2020, Irene was praised for her luxurious image, like an elegant princess. With her flawless beauty, luxurious features, and excellent aura, Irene could easily pass off as nobility!

3. TWICE Mina


(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

Out of all of the members of TWICE, Mina is the one who gets praised the most for her elegant and regal aura. The idol has an aristocratic, classical vibe to her that perfectly matches with her visuals. Many also pointed out that because of her mannerisms and politeness, she perfectly suits classy concepts. Does Mina not look like she could be a muse for a world-class painter?

4. TWICE Tzuyu


(Photo : JYPnation Naver Update)

During TWICE's "CHEER UP" music video, Tzuyu was seen in an elegant, old-school concept, with a long black dress and pearl necklace reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. Thanks to her classic visuals, the idol was compared to Hong Kong actresses from the 80s and 90s. With her doe-like eyes, high nose bridge, and long, flowy hair, Tzuyu is able to digest classy outfits easily, showing off her beauty and elegance.

5. Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung

(Photo : Jang Wonyoung Instagram)

Jang Wonyoung, formerly of IZ*ONE, is another beauty that is often linked to the classic princess concept. Her beauty and grace make her look like a sophisticated young lady. Though she is still young, many believe that as Jang Wonyoung grows up and matures, she will start matching the elegant concept even more than she already does!

Did your favorite female K-pop idol make this list?

Source: kpopstarz