Jeon So Min & Song Ji Hyo Have Returned To Film 'Running Man', But Jeon So Min Is In A Wheelchair

Jeon So Min & Song Ji Hyo Have Returned To Film 'Running Man', But Jeon So Min Is In A Wheelchair

According to industry insiders, actress Jeon So Min and Song Ji Hyo have both safely returned to their posts on SBS's 'Running Man'.

Previously, actress Jeon So Min underwent surgery for a foot fracture some time in January. In order to focus on her recovery, Jeon So Min took a break from her ongoing variety program 'Running Man' for several weeks.

In addition, fellow 'Running Man' member Song Ji Hyo announced that she would be absent from the show's recordings for a few weeks in order to quarantine for COVID-19. Song Ji Hyo revealed that due to an allergy to medicines such as antibiotics, she is currently unvaccinated and must quarantine for at least 10-days if she comes in contact with a potential COVID-19 positive case.

In light of the two actresses' absences from 'Running Man', Jeon So Min even became wrapped up in rumors that she would be leaving the cast of the variety series soon. When the actress shared a photo of a cake from the production staff of 'Running Man' via her Instagram story earlier this week, some netizens raised speculations that the cake contained a "farewell" message.

However, industry insiders have now stepped up to deny the above rumors. It seems that Jeon So Min was given a thoughtful cake from the crew members of 'Running Man' on the same day that she attended her first recording for the show since her surgery. According to insiders, Jeon So Min decided to participate in this recent recording in a wheelchair, showing her enthusiasm to return to the cast.

Furthermore, actress Song Ji Hyo made her return on the same day, and Jeon So Min even shared a photo of her and Song Ji Hyo from their recent recording via her Instagram.

Finally, insiders assured, "Fortunately, the most recent recording for 'Running Man' did not require difficult running or physical activity, as Jeon So Min was in a wheelchair. There was no cause for her to overexert herself in her condition."

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