Song Ji Hyo Has The Most Relatable ARMY Reaction To Meeting BTS Jin On “Running Man”

Song Ji Hyo Has The Most Relatable ARMY Reaction To Meeting BTS Jin On “Running Man”

Even Kim Jong Kook was taken back by her reaction!

BTS‘s Jin has definitely lived up to the nickname “Worldwide Handsome” over the years with his dazzling good looks, talent, and charm. In particular, he has the ability to make anyone become an ARMY who always has the best reactions to seeing Jin in real life.

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Well, it seems like a celebrity had an equally iconic reaction, and it’s none other than Song Ji Hyo.

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On November 6, the highly-anticipated episode of Running Man with BTS’s Jin was released. As expected, it was full of iconic moments that showcased the idol’s true personality.

BTS’s Jin with the cast of “Running Man”

At the start of the episode, the cast members had to pick which team they would be in, depending on the car they chose. Jin and Ji Suk Jin were captains, and whichever car the other cast picked was the team they’d be on.

Throughout the start of the episode, each of the cast chose their cars and had mixed responses to their results.

After most of them had picked, it was the turn of female cast member Song Ji Hyo. As expected, Ji Hyo picked her car with confidence and the right reasoning…

Yet, she didn’t seem too impressed when she opened the door. Her expression turned blank as she seemed to realize what had just happened. Her reaction was even funnier when the rest of the car revealed that BTS’s Jin was in the other car.

Without hesitation, Song Ji Hyo ran out of the car and headed for the other van to see Jin. When she got to the car, Kim Jong Kook seemed reluctant to let her in, but she was adamant about having a chance to see Jin.

After finally being able to open the door, she quickly leaned over to greet Jin, and even Jong Kook was shocked by her sudden reaction. With their “on-screen relationship,” many netizens joked that he was actually jealous seeing how excited Song Ji Hyo was.

Song Ji Hyo was so passionate about her mistake that she even hit Kim Jong Kook, adding, “I wish I had chosen this van.”

When the clip was released, netizens couldn’t get over her reactions. ARMYs found her relatable AF and those who watched the show knew how special it was as Song Ji Hyo rarely got that excited over male guests.

The episode was truly iconic, and the interactions between Jin and the cast were definitely memorable. It seems that Jin’s handsomeness even has the ability to fluster celebrities and turn them into relatable ARMYs.

Source: Koreaboo