Ultimate Female Idols: The Most Popular Female K-Pop Leaders Of This Month

Ultimate Female Idols: The Most Popular Female K-Pop Leaders Of This Month

For the month of February, here are the top female leaders in terms of brand ranking

Being a leader of a K-pop group is a very daunting task. Beyond being the beacon of a model member of the group, they also have to be mature, patient, caring, and understanding.

Not all K-pop groups have leaders, but if bestowed the leader position, this is considered an honorable and rewarding task. Moreover, in most cases, since leaders are usually well-known, at times, they might be the most popular members of their respective K-pop groups.

Recently, in the Korean Business Research Institute's list of most popular female idols in terms of brand ranking this February, five out of the thirty female idols are leaders of their group.

For the month of February, here are the top female leaders in terms of brand ranking:

#5 ITZY's Yeji (top 28 in the individual female idol ranking)

Aside from being the leader, Yeji is also ITZY's main dancer, lead vocalist, and sub rapper. What makes her stand out is that she is a very caring and innocent leader.

Yeji is also the only member to crack the top thirty list.

#4 Girls' Generation's Taeyeon (top 17 in the individual female idol ranking)

Girls' Generation, also known as SNSD, made its debut in 2007. Their leader and main vocalist is Taeyeon, and it is noted that even though she is the oldest, she has tendencies to act like SNSD's maknae. But do not let that fool you; Taeyeon is kind but is scary once she gets angry.

The group has not been active since 2017, but there are rumors that Girls' Generation might make a comeback soon. Click here for more information.

#3 aespa's Karina (top 14 in the individual female idol ranking)

Karina is aespa's main dancer, lead rapper, sub vocalist, the face of the group, and leader. She is known to be quick-witted and also fairly kind.

Additionally, aespa, although a fairly new girl group under SM Entertainment, has garnered immense popularity as they already have a spot in The World digital songs Chart.

#2 Red Velvet's Irene (top 13 in the individual female idol ranking)

Irene, with her melodic vocals and majestic visuals, is the leader, main rapper, lead dancer, sub vocalist, visual, and center of one of the most well-known K-pop girl groups in the world, Red Velvet.

SM Entertainment is known for its idols' standout talent in singing and amazing visuals, and Irene exemplifies both these traits. She is considered one of the most beautiful K-pop idols to have ever graced the industry.

Although out of commission due to Wendy's injury last 2019, Red Velvet is projected to make a complete comeback this 2021.

#1 (G)I-DLE's Soyeon (top 11 in the individual female idol ranking)

Soyeon, (G)I-DLE's very own main rapper, sub vocalist, center, and leader, is the most popular K-pop girl group leader of this month. Soyeon oozes confidence as she is known as (G)I-DLE's Charisma Leader. The confidence is surely noticed by fans as she ranks number one on this list.

(G)I-DLE has been active since 2018 under Cube Entertainment and has been making headlines ever since.

If you wanna know the full list of the top female idols in brand ranking this February, keep reading below.


Let's check this top 10 leaders who also own gorgeous visuals and find out if your adored leader is here.


RM is BTS's strong, dependable leader that is taking the world by storm! The idol is blessed with a small face, full lips, and a towering height. He is also getting more and more fit by the day, and he hasn't shied away from wearing muscle tees to show off his incredible biceps. A strong leader both mentally and physically, indeed!

APINK Chorong

Chorong is Apink's cute yet determined leader. The girls of Apink in the past have revealed that the reason they are able to stay as a group is because of Chorong's leadership. On top of her amazing leader abilities, Chorong is blessed with big eyes, a high nose bridge, plump lips, and fair skin, making her look cute and innocent.


Yeji has captured people's hearts for her amazing vocal ability, her dance skills, and her ability to lead the girls of ITZY to greatness. On top of her being multi-talented, Yeji is praised for her feline-like beauty. The idol has monolids, which give her a chic look when serious and an adorable look when she smiles. On top of that, she has a thin nose, a small face, fair skin, and a v-shaped jaw. She also stands at 170cm tall, giving her model-like proportions.

EXO Suho

Suho is not only an amazing leader, he is also one of the official visuals of EXO! It's not hard to see why. Suho has fair skin, a slim nose with a high nose bridge, a small face, double eyelids, and full lips. On top of his stunning visuals, Suho is a strong leader who has stuck and supported EXO through thick and thin.

OH MY GIRL Hyojung

Hyojung is the leader of Oh My Girl and has stuck with the group even when they were on the brink of disbandment. She supports the girls through all of their activities, even going to fellow member YooA's promotions when she debuted as a soloist. Other than her kind heart, Hyojung boasts an adorable visual with her fluffy cheeks, bright smiles, and fair skin.


S.Coups is the oldest member and the leader of S.Coups. The idol has, on numerous occasions, shown his love for his members and is willing to help SEVENTEEN reach the top. S.Coups's main priority is SEVENTEEN and the CARATs, forever. Besides his leadership, S.Coups is popular for his visuals, with many saying his unique look causes him to have a Western beauty. S.Coups has pale skin, big eyes, full lips, a sharp v-shaped jaw, and a high nose bridge.


Jihyo has trained for more than ten years before debuting as TWICE's leader. Because of her experiences, Jihyo has shown a strong mentality and drive that is fit for a leader. On top of that, Jihyo is an idol who appears to have a glow-up every comeback and consistently surprises people with her upgraded visuals. Jihyo has big eyes with double eyelids, a high nose bridge, and full lips.


How can we forget GOT7's chic leader? Before debuting with GOT7, JB debuted with member Jinyoung in JJ Project and even appeared in "Dream High 2", so the idol definitely has the experience needed for a leader. Besides that, the idol boasts incredible visuals. He has charismatic monolid eyes, a strong v-shaped jaw, plump lips, and fair skin. All of these make Ahgases' hearts swoon!

Monsta X Shownu

Shownu is MONSTA X's indispensable leader, always leading MONSTA X to bigger and greater paths. While he looks tough and masculine, MONBEBEs know that he is caring, with a heart of gold. Shownu is also quite the stunner - he has a high nose bridge, plump lips, and fierce monolid eyes.


Solar is not only the leader of MAMAMOO, she is also a powerhouse vocalist! She is very strong and always acts as an example for her fellow leader. In the past, people have stated that Solar has an almost Western look to her. She has large eyes, a small nose, plump lips, and fair skin.