These 5 Female Idols are Known for their Elegant Beauty

These 5 Female Idols are Known for their Elegant Beauty

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These five female K-pop idols are often praised for their elegant (and expensive!) beauty.

1. Red Velvet Irene


(Photo : Red Velvet Twitter)

Known as the "epitome of the Korean beauty standard" among women, Irene has been loved for her visuals since her debut until now. She is known for her charming and haughty visuals, with some saying she is one of K-pop's "Ice Queens." In addition, Irene is applauded for her remarkable presence on stage and her simple beauty off-stage.

Her confident, graceful and professional demeanor always brightens up each frame!

2. (G)I-DLE Shuhua


(Photo : Shuhua Instagram)

This beauty hails from Taiwan and is famous for her gentle and sweet beauty. When she debuted, (G)I-DLE member Shuhua was praised for her natural and pure visuals. Moreover, she is not shy in showing her bare face to fans, which has caused people to praise her beauty both with and without makeup.

On stage, Shuhuya shows off her charismatic and luxurious side. Her expressions and visuals are weapons used to do significant damage to fans' hearts!



(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

It is impossible not to mention BLACKPINK's oldest member and official visual Jisoo! Jisoo gets prettier and prettier with each passing day, leaving everyone breathless. Jisoo has all the qualities of a top idol, with a perfect face and a stunning figure.

On stage, Jisoo shines in her own way, captivating viewers with her expressions and unique vocal timbre.

4. fromis_9 Chaeyoung


(Photo : Chaeyoung Instagram)

fromis_9 member Chaeyoung is often overlooked in the wide world of K-pop, but once you set your eyes on her, it will be impossible to look away. Chaeyoung is mainly known for her tiny ant waist, but she is slowly gaining a fanbase for her unique visuals and lovely personality.

The idol has a toned, well-proportionate body. Because of that, Chaeyoung attracts attention when she is on stage with her sharp and fluid movements.

5. (G)I-DLE Miyeon


(Photo : Miyeon Instagram)

Miyeon is known for her princess-like beauty. As a (G)I-DLE member, this K-pop beauty shines on stage with her sweet and luxurious aura. This year, Miyeon dabbled more in solo projects, such as collaborations with other artists and debuting as an actress. Slowly, she is gaining a more extensive fan base.

With her feminine and elegant beauty, fans dub Miyeon a "visual treasure."

Which female K-pop idol deserves to be on this list?

Source: kpopstarz