Top 9 Powerful K-Pop Songs By Female Artists To Celebrate 'International Women's Day'

Top 9 Powerful K-Pop Songs By Female Artists To Celebrate 'International Women's Day'

Let's celebrate this special day with these empowering songs.

International Women's Day takes place every March 8 and it is a day where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women as mentioned on

In the K-Pop industry, there are many K-Pop female groups and solo idols who have released music that empowers women, raising the awareness of gender equality.

Let's take a look at some of the songs below!

1. Ailee - "I will show you"

Breaking free from a man who does not cherish her anymore, Ailee talks about the transformation and empowerment she gets after starting over again.

2. miss A - "I don't need a man"

Literal as the title suggests, the song by miss A talked about how they do not need a man to complete their lives.

3. BoA - "Woman"

BoA did not restrict herself when she said that she wants to empower women as the entire song is dedicated to the women out there in the world! She talked about the confidence, freedom as well as inner beauty of a woman.


MAMAMOO covers on how people are obsessive with their looks, fashion or even actions such that it became controversial. They had enough of it!

5. Girl's Day - "FEMALE PRESIDENT"

The girls from Girl's Day are not shy when it comes to confessing their feelings. They talked about breaking the stereotype where the guy has to make the first move and mentioned taking the first step in a relationship.

6. BLACKPINK Jennie - "SOLO"

Tired of pretending in a relationship, Jennie decided to leave by going solo and dedicate the time to love herself.

7. CLC - "No"

Throwing away the assumption of how women are dressing up and acting in a certain manner for men, CLC takes on this stereotype and shares that they are doing it just for themselves.

8. Jessi - "NUNU NANA"

Through 'NUNU NANA', Jessi touches on how she does not care about what other people or haters say about her since all that matters is what she does for herself.

9. HyunA - "GOOD GIRL"

Ignoring what others think about her, HyunA shares through 'GOOD GIRL' that there is nothing wrong with being 'bad' and there is no need to be always the good girl people expect.