BLACKPINK Jennie Debuts As A Fashion Editor For Vogue Korea

BLACKPINK Jennie Debuts As A Fashion Editor For Vogue Korea

What thing that this girl can't do?

BLACKPINK Jennie has made her debut as a fashion editor for Vogue Korea!

The multitalented idol was recently revealed to have taken an active part in the photoshoot for Vogue Korea’s March issue. According to the magazine, this is the first time Jennie has participated in a photoshoot beyond modeling in front of the camera.

"Jennie has taken photoshoots as a model, but this is the first time she has participated in photo shoots as a planner, deciding on her own concept and deciding on hair and makeup drafts, including styling." - Vogue Korea.

Jennie stunned in a mature concept with a whimsical atmosphere, looking breathtaking in both colored and black and white photos!

Boasting enrapturing facial expressions and jaw-dropping poses—not to mention flawless makeup and outfit choices—it was unlike any photoshoot she had ever done before.

Jennie’s fashion editor debut is made even more meaningful because of a past interview. In 2018, she was asked what she would be doing if she weren’t an idol, and she chose magazine editor or fashion designer: “Magazine editor or fashion designer…I want to do those.

It goes without saying that Jennie can achieve whatever she puts her mind to! Not only is she a successful idol, but she can also now add fashion editor and stylist to her portfolio.

View the rest of fashion editor Jennie’s photos below!


These 3 Items Are The Only Things To Look Like BLACKPINK Jennie

Besides, Jennie repping CHANEL is something that only she can do best. But if you really dig her style and vibes, all you have to do is simply take inspiration from some of the essentials and items that she is often seen wearing for her daily look or airport fashion.

You can check out some of them below.

Cardigans In Bright Colors

Jennie is often seen wearing brightly colored cardigans. And she mixes and matches it well to end up with a look that is modern and sophisticated, and not like you just stole something from your grandmother's closet.

Light Washed Denim

It shouldn't be too difficult to pick up some decent light washed denim these days for anyone right?


But not just any sunglasses. Ones that are quite thick in frames and can function as a bold statement that is in contrast to a mono-tone or minimalistic outfit.

It's not that hard, right?


7 Moments BLACKPINK Jennie Turns Into A Gorgeous Goddess In Red

Jennie (BLACKPINK) has always been mentioned as a fashion icon of the current Kpop because of the ability to luxury all types of costumes. That is not only thanks to her high-quality visual and figure but mostly because of her attractive and sexy fashion style. Especially with that charming charisma, every time Jennie wears red, her breathtaking attractiveness is even more explosive.

Therefore, in the hearts of netizens, Jennie is the "red queen" of Kpop. Let's take a look at the times Jennie "burned" the stage with outstanding and sexy red outfits.

At the nearest stage, "THE SHOW" concert, Jennie had a very "burning" performance with a new shape and a red strapless shirt to create a giant rose. This item is combined with flower gloves of D&G and high-necked boots, in fact, the overall look is quite discrete and inconsistent. But with the ability to balance all types of weird clothes of Jennie, this outfit is still beautiful and sexy when she wore.

Also in The Show concert, Jennie continued to "flare-up" the stage when wearing a red dress that cut off the chest from the Blonds fashion house. Although this design has to receive a lot of criticism for being too cumbersome and cheesy, it must be recognized that Jennie is still too seductive, sexy and attractive in this dress. This is not "a beauty for silk" anymore but "beautiful silk for the sake of people".

This asymmetrical red dress of the Johanna Ortiz brand is one of Jennie's extremely famous legendary stage outfits, contributing to the title "Jennie Red" for her. The outstanding red dress is mixed with black thigh-high boots by the female idol, creating a sexy, strong and powerful look for the BLACKPINK rapper.

Referring to Jennie and the red dress, it is impossible to ignore the simple and super elegant bodycon dress that the female idol wore on her first solo promotion stage. Some expensive accented accessories such as pearl necklace and chiffon gloves made Jennie's proud and seductive beauty even more shine.

The sexy and prominent red corset shirt with the leopard print top. If you "tell" another idol to set this outfit, it will be easy to become cheesy and outdated. But with the "weight" of all Jennie's outfits, everything is still the "top of the top".

Simply a peplum-shaped two-wire shirt mixed with short black shorts, but with a seductive and outstanding red color, Jennie still successfully captured all eyes while standing on stage. She tied her hair with a bow with red tones, making her look more youthful and cute next to a sexy "burning eyes".

The red lace dress looks "ugly" and so cheesy, but Jennie still looks luxurious and sexy. In particular, the design of the dress also helps Jennie to fulfill all her physical advantages, especially her full bust and famous 90-degree shoulders.