These Moments Between BLACKPINK and YG Staff Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

These Moments Between BLACKPINK and YG Staff Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

BLACKPINK truly is a gem in the world of K-Pop, and their home agency YG Entertainment would probably treat them like queens as they're not just lovable but the company's most prized group of artists and fashion icons.

This is why the staff members of YG Entertainment never hold back when it comes to showing love, support, and care of Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and JiSoo.

You can check out some of the moments between BLACKPINK and their staff below.

When at the airport, it's imperative that they stick as close to the girls as possible and surround them to protect them from unwanted sasaeng fans and photographers.

When Jennie was acting and had to cry, this staff member made sure her eye makeup stayed intact and wiped the tears away for her.

When something got caught in Lisa's hair, this staff member gently got it out for her.

When walking was a bit difficult for Lisa, this gentleman staff member lent her his arm so that she wouldn't fall while walking.

When Jennie and JiSoo needed tissues, this staff member produced one right away and made sure they got it.

For more moments, you can check out the video below.


12 Moments BLACKPINK Members Steal Clothes From Each Other

The four BLACKPINK members have time again proved that they have the cutest relationships with one another. One example is when they borrow each other’s clothes! With four style icons in one group, it’s probably impossible to not want to borrow from one another. The girls have proved this several times and it’s cool to see how each style the same piece of clothing!

Here are 12 times the BLACKPINK members borrowed from each other’s closet!

1. This white cardigan

Jennie and Rosé both have a classy sense of style so it’s no wonder why they’d both want this cute little cropped cardigan!

2. This lovely dress!

This predebut photo Rosé gained a lot of attention for many reasons and later gained eyes again after Lisa was spotted in the same dress. Both look stunning in it!

3. Rosé and Jennie in Saint Laurent shirt!

Looks like Rosé and Jennie have the same taste in fashion. Look how chic they are able to make a simple black t-shirt!

4. The cute unnies of BLACKPINK

Jennie and Jisoo appear to both be a fan of The Beatles sharing this cute white The Beatles shirt! It’s interesting to see the member’s individual styling of one shirt! Both looks are nice!

5. Jennie and Rosé put their own style to this Pulp Fiction shirt

Jennie and Rosé can’t seem to stop looking through each other’s wardrobe as they were seen sharing clothes again! How cute are they!

6. This hot top definitely had to be shared

This white cute crop top was seen on both Jennie and Lisa and both look stunning in it! The crop top is so cute how could you not want a turn in it?

7. Rosé and Jisoo rocking the same edgy top!

This shirt also seemed to be a favorite between the members as Rosé and Jisoo were both seen wearing it. Both look stunning in it! Honestly, they look amazing in everything!

8. Adidas is always keeping the girls warm

As many know, the BLACKPINK members participated in the Adidas campaign and they clearly love the brand!

9. Jenchoo!

It must be nice to live with someone who has the same style as you! Jennie and Jisoo certainly seem to have the same taste in fashion.

10. Jennie picking up some fashion looks from maknae Lisa

11. This top goes with everything

The girls even share outfits for their music videos and performances! It truly is a top that goes with everything! Jisoo was seen rocking the black crop top in their music video for BOOMBAYAH…

… Then Lisa was showing it off in Whistle…

… And Jennie took a turn in the top for a live performance!

12. Jennie and Rosé again!

These two are too cute! They truly do have a sibling relationship and we love it!


Here Are 6 Of BLACKPINK’s Personal Favorite Scenes From Their

“BOOMBAYAH” Music Video

“BOOMBAYAH” was one of BLACKPINK‘s debut songs that was released last August 2016. When they watched it again two years later, they saw the music video with fresh eyes.

To know what scenes stood out to them the most, keep on reading!

1. Lisa’s Starting Rap

First up, Rosé said that she “really likes this scene” when referring to Lisa‘s first rap in the song: “Been a bad girl I know I am.”

They could easily see how passionate everyone was in the first few seconds!

2. Jennie’s Verse

Next up, Jennie impressed her teammates with her intense rap verse. They praised her coolness and her bubble gum cut which would eventually become the video’s thumbnail.

3. Lisa’s Solo Rap

Jennie, meanwhile, personally shared how much she loves her fellow rapper’s solo part in the video. In her eyes, it’s what started Lisa’s charismatic reputation.

Isn’t that the scene that made today’s Lisa?

— Jennie

They a

lso found it memorable how fast her legs moved for the accompanying dance, something Lisa said she was requested to do.

4. Jisoo’s Sexy Scene

Everyone squealed when Jisoo‘s “Joha nan jigeum nega joha” part appeared on screen. She had on a very wet makeup look that made her seem like she was sweating.

Sexy sweating concept!

— Jennie

5. Rosé’s Floor Dance

One of the most iconic parts of “BOOMBAYAH” was undoubtedly Rosé’s scene when she slid across the floor.

Though it wasn’t the easiest to pull off, she agreed that it was the “highlight” of the performance.

6. Roller Skating Together

Finally, BLACKPINK looked on fondly at the video cuts that accompanied the bridge of the song. They had fun skating together especially because it was their first time.

Moreover, their roller skates were personally decorated by each of the members. Though they weren’t clearly shown on screen, they still loved shooting the entire thing!

Wasn’t that the first experience of roller skating for all of us? And the shoes we decorated by ourselves!

— Jisoo

To relive your memories, check out the full “BOOMBAYAH” music video below!