Reactions Of Fans With Kai's Solo Debut Teaser

Reactions Of Fans With Kai's Solo Debut Teaser
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When the first teaser of Kai is dropped, many fans have shocked.

When the first teaser of Kai is dropped, many fans have left their reactions for a long-wait solo debut and hope for its success.

Kai has gained worldwide attention for his visual effects and performance as EXO. He will release his first solo album KAI (Open) on November 30, with a total of six songs released.

Earlier, a teaser image for his solo debut has been posted on EXO's official SNS at midnight on November 11, making fans curious with a mysterious figure and dark background. The reason why the teaser was posted on November 11 (11.11) is also meaningful, as '11' and '11' combined together can form the word '开, which is 'Kai' in Chinese.

The news of Kai's solo album makes fans very excited as it has been 8 years since his debut with EXO. The idol has been teasing that he will make his solo debut this year, but no other information was revealed until today. With this confirmation, Kai will be the fifth member of EXO to make a solo debut, following Lay, Chen, Baekhyun and Suho.

Kai is gaining worldwide popularity for his outstanding performance and stylish visuals through his activities with EXO as well as SuperM. He performed 2 solo songs at concerts, such as 'Confession' and 'Spoiler', both of which received explosive reactions from fans, proving his overwhelming grip on the stage. Expectations are high on the music and stage that will be newly presented when Kai debut as a solo artist.

Let’s take a look at some reactions of fans about his solo debut!

1. K开I the dementor coming for your soul

2. A Multi-talented King


4. The only one that matters

5. Take notes

6. An understatement indeed

7. History rewritten

8. 2020, saved

9. Nope, you’re not

10. Honestly, same

Pre-sale orders for his first mini-album will start on November 11.