Proofs That BLACKPINK Is Working Hard and 2020 Is The Best Year for Blinks So Far

Proofs That BLACKPINK Is Working Hard and 2020 Is The Best Year for Blinks So Far

They deserve hiatus so it's nonsense to ask for more...

2020 must be the best year so far for Blinks because BLACKPINK not only released their first full-length album but they also dropped new MVs and more for us in this busy year's schedule.

Debuting in 2016 with "Whistle" and "BOOMBAYAH" in their first single album Square One, BLACKPINK rapidly became the OG rookie monster when they had PAK (Perfect All Kill) with their debut song. Having high expectations as the second YG girl group after 2NE1, all 4 members of BLACKPINK had 4-6 years of training which proved that the company did prepare well for this girl group. 4 girls come together to create a perfect combination in all aspects: visuals, dancing, vocal and quickly gain attention and love from the audience.

BLACKPINK is considered as the girl group with a huge potential of 4 members as well as the high-production from YG (one of the Big3) but the amounts of songs they'd been given were what caused their fans confused and upset most. All of their songs are super catchy and set new records for every other girl group. BLACKPINK becomes a wave not only in K-Pop but all over the world as their songs have the tune of world music.

Because of so few songs each year, BLACKPINK didn't have their full-length album ever during the period of 2016-2020. At that time, Blinks - BLACKPINK's fandom's name even claimed YG as a "dungeon" because they didn't give songs to the girls. 4 of them went on international tours worldwide with the same and same songs all over again. Of course, all of the songs are so great and fans still jam to them, the desire for new music is overwhelming.

That's why when YG announced the first full-length of BLACKPINK called "The Album" is coming in 2020, that moment was the happiest time for Blinks.

First in 2020, they dropped "How You Like That" MV which debuted at number 12 on the Gaon Digital Chart with just one day and 16 hours of tracking and peaked at number one on the Gaon digital, download, and streaming charts on its second week. The dance practice video of it also released not so long after then the collaboration with Selena Gomez "Ice Cream" also dropped. So fans had 3 MVs to watch in just a short time which is not a common thing for BLACKPINK but do fans complain? Not at all! And don't forget the "Ice Cream" dance Zepeto version after that.

And in October 2nd, their long-awaiting album "The Album" released with "Lovesick Girls" as their title track. This song marked an interesting switch in their music, from an upbeat, EDM sound to a more settled pop tune mixed with US-UK vibes. "The Album" includes 8 songs delivers different emotions they want to transfer to their fans. This album also has BLACKPINK's first collab song with American female rapper in "Bet You Wanna". As well as their dance practice and live performances for "Lovesick Girls" and "Pretty Savage" - their B-side song, Blinks have more than 8 videos to watch in just this year.

In other fields besides music, BLACKPINK has their first documentary with Netflix called "Light up the sky" and other reality shows where the girls are given more opportunities to showcase their talents.

While anti-fans keep saying: "Your faves have few songs and that's why you only watch it over and over you Youtube", what BLACKPINK does is releasing three MVs and 3 dance practices in just 6 months? Guess that YG is not a dungeon anymore!

With such a busy schedule for BLACKPINK, not to mention the member's private activities, it is understandable for them to take a well hiatus. As Teddy Park - the gifted producer behind most of BLACKPINK's songs, what he wants for BLACKPINK is that they could tell their own stories and express themselves through music, not just receiving songs and performing on stage. That's why their songs have to take more time to create but those are worth it.

It is rumored that the group's main vocal, Rosé is preparing for her solo at the end of this year. Although there hasn't had an official announcement yet, hints about it are everywhere so more to expect for Blinks and those who love BLACKPINK.


BLACKPINK 'Kill This Love' Surpasses 400 Million Streams On Spotify, Becomes First K-Pop Girl Group Song To Do So

According to their agency YG Entertainment on November 17, BLACKPINK's song 'Kill This Love' has surpassed 400 million streams on Spotify. It is the first-ever single by a K-Pop girl group to reach this milestone.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK's first full-length album's title track 'Lovesick Girls' also surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify.

BLACKPINK's songs have all reach impressive numbers of streams on this platform. In particular, 'Kill This Love' surpassed 400 million streams, 'How You Like That' 390 million streams, 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' 300 million streams, 'Boombayah' 200 million streams, 'As If It's Your Last' 200 million streams, 'SOLO' (Jennie) million streams, 'Ice Cream' 190 million streams, 'Whistle' 100 million streams, 'Playing With Fire' 100 million streams, 'Don't Know What To Do' 100 million streams.

'Lovesick Girls' is now the 11th song by the girls to surpass 100 million stream on this music service. If we take 'Kiss and Make Up' (390 million streams) and 'Sour Candy' (100 million streams), which are collaboration songs with famous pop stars, into account, BLACKPINK now has 13 songs in the Spotify's 100-million-streams list.

In addition, BLACKPINK topped the iTunes album charts in 57 countries including the United States with its full-length album 'THE ALBUM' released on October 2. The album is also setting a new record by maintaining its top ranking on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart for five consecutive weeks.

BLACKPINK has recently been named the world's most influential pop star by Bloomberg, and become the first Asian artists to get this title.