Jisoo On Trending for Her Teaser Image of BLACKPINK “The Album”

Jisoo On Trending for Her Teaser Image of BLACKPINK “The Album”

On September 22 at around 9 AM KST, YG Entertainment dropped the first teaser photo for BLACKPINK's first full album for Jisoo, which has been waited for a long time, called The Album. As reported from YG, "The Album" will be officially out on October 2nd.


In the past, Blinks - the name of BLACKPINK's fandom have complained about the way that YG promoted their artists, including showing favoritism for certain members of the girl group, which is stated as the way their song is distributed and styling their clothes, so many were pleased to see that the first member to have their teaser image released is the visual of the group.

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In fact, Blinks were so excited to see her teaser image that in as little as an hour after the poster was released, “JISOO” was trending on Twitter with over 300k tweets!

And really, it’s no wonder why she’s trending — she looks absolutely stunning in the teaser, with her hair seemingly dyed a very deep blue-black color that perfectly suits her visuals.

Her eyes are beautiful with the makeup style when her signature figure, the "heart-shaped" upper lip is clearly noticed in the photo.

Below are some retweets of Blinks all over the world in admiring the significant look of the female artist.