Kpop Idols Named as the Top 10 Role Models of Teen Girls in Japan

Kpop Idols Named as the Top 10 Role Models of Teen Girls in Japan

BTS's Jimin, and TWICE's Momo and Jihyo are included in the list of Top 10 Role Models of teen girls in Japan!

BTS Jimin, TWICE Momo and Jihyo are the Top Role Models of Gen Z

On Mar. 30, one of Japan's research institute for social media trends and Gen Z insights, Memedays, announced the results of a survey they conducted from Mar. 9 to 19, 2021.

The research, titled "Awareness Survey on the Future of Gen Z," was conducted through an online survey that was given to 114 female respondents, aged 15 to 21 years old.

According to the results of the survey, the respondents' top choice in what profession they want in the future is to be an "influencer." When asked who they view as their role models or who they want to grow up as, TWICE's Momo and Jihyo ranked in the top 10 as the only female K-Pop idols on the list.

In addition, BTS's Jimin ranked in the top 10, making him the only Korean male to be included on the list, continuing to showcase his unrivaled popularity in the country as a top K-Pop idol.

The survey results also had "Youtuber" as one of the top choices for future profession. Included in the list as well are Japanese Youtubers, Japanese idols and singers, and other Japanese celebrities.

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In related news, Jimin ranked no.1 for three weeks in a row in Nehan, a Japanese K-Pop idol popularity ranking site. Also, he has consistently ranked first in other Japanese surveys, gaining the attention of various Japanese media such as Billboard Japan, Model Press, and Harper's Bazaar Japan.

BTS Drops "Film Out" Music Video

On April 1, Big Hit released BTS's music video for "Film Out," an original soundtrack for the Japanese film "Signal."

Upon its release, the song immediately rose in the top ranks of iTunes Japan, making it BTS's first ever song to land on no.1 at the time of its release.

The song is an OST for the film spin-off of the Japanese 2018 drama series of the same name. In addition, the Japanese drama is a remake of the South Korean drama series "Signal," that first aired in 2016.

"Film Out" was co-composed by BTS's Jungkook, working alongside Iyori Shimizu of Back Number. The song is a ballad that contains sorrowful lyrics about a loved one.

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