Here Are 9 Empowering Quotes From Female Idols To Inspire You

Here Are 9 Empowering Quotes From Female Idols To Inspire You

They are words everyone should live by!

March 8 is International Women’s Day which is a global event that celebrates the strides women have made in the world and what they can achieve.

K-Pop is full of strong and powerful women who go out and inspire fans every day with their words and actions! Here are some inspirational quotes from female idols that will make you proud to be a woman!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

You own your life, don’t be swayed by other things and lose important things. Focus on yourself.

2. f(x)’s Amber

I think in the end everybody is their own individual and beautiful in their own way, whatever shape or size they are.

3. HyunA

There are people who would not like me no matter what I do. I used to be hurt by that before. But I started thinking differently. There’s nothing I can do except to do my best.

4. Red Velvet’s Irene

Don’t ruin a good day, because of bad yesterday.

5. BoA

You have to become the ‘first of yourself’ before you try to be the second of anyone.

6. 2ne1’s Minzy

Rather than taking an easy route, taking a difficult route is more satisfying and interesting. Life is hard at times; life is easy at other times. It zig-zags and spins round and round, it goes up and down. When all that is done, you’ll probably smile and say, ‘I lived a very fun life.’

7. 2ne1’s Sandara Park

All of us have times when we are ugly, but all of us have a unique beauty that others do not have.

8. Red Velvet’s Wendy

When you look at the world with beauty in your heart, from wherever your eyes lie, you’ll find beauty.

9. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

Even if other people tell you otherwise, if you believe in yourself, you can do everything.