G-Dragon Spotted in Public Once Again While Slaying 'Street Fashion'

G-Dragon Spotted in Public Once Again While Slaying 'Street Fashion'

Read on and see more of his latest photos.

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon was spotted in public once again! Fans who saw him lauded his streetwear, being the fashion icon that he is.

G-Dragon Appears in Public Once Again, Slaying His Streetwear 'Fit

G-Dragon made a visit to a store in Hannam-dong, Seoul, last weekend to check out its newly-launched line of sneakers.

Immediately, his latest public appearance became reached the attention of his massive fanbase on the web as it was his first time being seen outside after a while, especially amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Basing it on the newest photos, G-Dragon came to the store clad in a stylish outfit.

Fans who were there at the store also said he filmed the people who gathered together to meet him.

Right after his visit, he immediately headed to the convenience store around the area.

In the convenience store, he bought some instant noodles of different varieties, then immediately left after that.

Soon enough, the Twitterverse was flooded with G-Dragon's photos and videos, which prove their relentless admiration to the "K-pop King."

G-Dragon Collaborates With Nike Once Again

On November 15, G-Dragon, Korea's icon of fashion and culture, met with Nike. They announced that the fashion brand will release PEACEMINUSONE X Nike's KWONDO1.

KWONDO1 was inspired by the harmony of the spirit of Korea's national sport Taekwondo, G-Dragon's Korean name Kwon Jiyong, and Nike's slogan "Just Do It."

The new line's name means that sports, Nike, and G-Dragon wanted to achieve a free sports culture.

Moreover, as a symbol of self-expression, it contains the message that will provide new inspiration for sports and culture to the next generation.

In addition, KWONDO1 stands for everything divided into differences like women, men, sports, and formal occasions. The comprehensive message and design of KWONDO1 encourage people to break down all the boundaries defined by society and make their own rules and future.

The PEACEMINUSONE X Nike's KWONDO1 is a design created through the harmony of many inspirations. It can also be changed into different styles.

The shoe's upper leather part reflects Brogue details which were inspired by the Nike Tiempo and classic golf shoes from the past. The neutral silhouette of the shoes indicates that it can be worn by both men and women.

Moreover, the white colorway is like a blank can be matched with any look and style.

Additionally, the detachable shoelace cover allows the user to create a unique look based on one's personality. Daisy symbolizes G-Dragon's brand PEACEMINUSONE, engraved on the heel and sole of the shoe to get collaboration with creative partners.

G-Dragon said, "I want to feel free in everything I do, starting with wearing clothes and creating styles which will provide more opportunities for self-expression."

Meanwhile, PEACEMINUSONE X Nike's KWONDO1 will be available at major retail stores, including the Nike.com SNKRS page, on December 3.

Source: kpopstarz