G-Dragon And Jennie Hit With Break Up Rumors

G-Dragon And Jennie Hit With Break Up Rumors

Netizens think BLACKPINK's Jennie and Big Bang's G-Dragon have split, while the two have not officially confirmed their relationship.

Previously in February 2021, media outlet Dispatch reported Jennie and G-Dragon are in a relationship along with their paparazzi pictures. Although YG Entertainment has not officially confirmed their relationship, many netizens have implicitly taken that the two are in a relationship following other media reports.

According to netizens on May 21st, however, Jennie and G-Dragon have parted ways with each other. They claimed G-Dragon's alleged private Instagram account unfollowed Jennie's Instagram while still following the other BLACKPINK members.

Another netizen chimed in saying the two have broken up after an event hosted by Chanel, saying 'Kim' and 'Nini' represents Jennie.

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Source: Allkpop