Fans Love When Seeing WayV Ten and Friend BLACKPINK Lisa's Interaction For New Dance Clip

Fans Love When Seeing WayV Ten and Friend BLACKPINK Lisa's Interaction For New Dance Clip

The friends reunited for a good reason.

For the latest collaboration stages for Youth With You, BLACKPINK Lisa and her team of trainees were impressed with their performance of WayV‘s “Kick Back”. It turns out Ten had a hand in helping them nail the choreography so well.

Since Lisa takes her role as a mentor very seriously, she took an extra step in teaching her trainees the “Kick Back” choreography properly.

Lisa revealed, “I actually asked my friend, Ten from WayV, to teach me how to do this choreography. Because I want to teach you guys the original one.” Since the friendship between the two is one that fans love to see, they didn’t leave fans hanging.

In a clip that Ten uploaded to both his Instagram and Weibo pages, he showed both of them dancing to “Kick Back” together.

Seeing the talented dancers together had fans loving their friendship more than before and hoping for more moments from them.

The clip was even more iconic because the last time Lisa and Ten danced together was over three years ago for a special collaboration stage between male and female idols.

The fact that Lisa was able to call up Ten and ask for his help proves just how close the two are. Who doesn’t love this Thai-line friendship?


BLACKPINK Lisa Made Everything Sold Out In New Vogue Japan Covers

On Wednesday, April 21, BLINKs were stunned after seeing snaps of the Thai rapper on the cover of Vogue Japan. This, according to some fans, is a testament to her dominance in the fashion industry.

BLACKPINK Lisa Graces the Cover of Vogue Japan

BLINKs were in pure bliss after seeing BLACKPINK member Lisa appear on the front page of Vogue Japan. Reports have it that the magazine made a special double cover for the Thai rapper - an opportunity that is not given to everyone.

In the first Vogue Japan cover, Lisa sported a white Celine crop top with a black-colored blazer. The BLACKPINK member completed her look with a Celine cap in camouflage color and a brown bottom. The "Lovesick Girls" hitmaker sported edgy makeup, which highlighted her oozing swag.

The June issue of Vogue Japan follows the "Beat Goes On" theme as it centers on "Music and Fashion." Reports have it that the fashion magazine decided to have BLACKPINK Lisa on the cover since she has been attracting attention as a next-generation fashion icon aside from being a global hitmaker.

BLACKPINK Lisa also decided to showcase the stunning clothing pieces from Celine, which is the fashion brand that she has been extremely promoting. The co-member of Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo did not fail her fans as she effortlessly delivered breathtaking photos with her outstanding expressiveness and supple limbs.

Other reports suggested that BLACKPINK member Lisa made another milestone as she is only among the few singers who were given a chance to grace the cover of the Vogue Japan magazine. This just proves that she is one of the biggest names in the music and fashion industries today.

BLACKPINK Lisa Sells Out Celine Pieces She Wore Vogue Japan Photoshoot

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK member Lisa just proved her massive influence yet again after some clothing pieces she wore during the photoshoot for Vogue Japan were sold out. The brand's one-shoulder dress in lame silk sable and athletic shorts in leather with Triomphe monogram was sold out after photos of the K-pop idol wearing these items circulated online.

To recall, the Celine Triomphe bag, which was also called "Lisa's bag," had been out of stock for quite some time because of the massive interest people have shown since BLACKPINK Lisa was seen using it herself. The luxury fashion brand even announced that the re-ordering would only take place once every two months.

As of this writing, the waiting list for those who would like to buy the so-called "Lisa's Bag" is already full and people must lengthen their patience as it would take some time before they could finally have their hands on the famous bag.

If that is not enough, there are also reports claiming that the pre-orders for the upcoming June issue of Vogue Japan, with BLACKPINK member Lisa on the cover, have been temporarily stopped because it was immediately sold out. An online bookstore in Japan named Rakuten claimed it got several orders following the release of Lisa's photoshoot photos on social media.

BLACKPINK Lisa Wins As 'Best Female Dancer' on DABEME Poll

Lisa just made another mark in her career after she dominated DABEME's poll for the "Best Female Dancer" in 2021. The BLACKPINK member bested other female K-pop idols after she garnered a total of 358,283 points.

Among the most notable dance performances of BLACKPINK member Lisa is her dance cover of QUIN and 6LACK's "Mushroom Chocolate." The clip, which she uploaded on her official YouTube Channel called LiliFilm Official, garnered a whopping 62.5 million views with 2.7 million likes and more than 197,000 comments as of late.

Her dance performance for "City Girls" by Chris Brown and Young Thug also amassed a high number of views. The clip, which BLACKPINK member Lisa uploaded in July 2020, got more than 34.2 million views with 2.3 million likes and more than 132,000 comments as of this writing.

Other female K-pop stars who made it to the list are Secret Number's Dita with 299,035 votes, TWICE member Momo with 286,458 votes, Cha Yeon with 90,564 votes, and BLACKPINK Lisa's co-member, Jennie, with 84,111 votes. Rosé, who got a total of 79,489 votes, secured the No. 6 spot while former 2NE1 member CL, who generated a total of 75,089 votes, nabbed the No. 7 spots.

ITZY's Yeji, IU, and Girls Generation member Yuri wrapped up the Top 10 with 64,790 votes, ,528 votes and 51,298 votes, respectively. The latest feat of BLACKPINK member Lisa just proved that she is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to dancing.

BLACKPINK Lisa Officially Introduces the L Family on YouTube

Meanwhile, Lisa just released a video introducing her "babies" on YouTube recently. The new clip of the BLACKPINK member kicked off with her showing off her YouTube Gold Play Button, which she received after surpassing 1 million subscribers on the said video-sharing platform.

BLACKPINK Lisa, then, proceeded on introducing her five cats, namely: Lego, Louis, Lily, Luca and Leo. For those who do not know, Lego is the youngest and the newest member of the L family. The said cat, which the K-pop idol introduced in February, is a British breed just like Louis.

Louis, who is the fourth cat of Lisa, was born in August 2019. According to BLACKPINK member Lisa, she got Louis so Leo can have a playmate since Luca and Lily, most often, have their own world together, which leaves Leo alone.

Lily, who was born in June 2019, is the third furbaby of BLACKPINK Lisa. It was learned that the mom of Lily is named Jennie, which is similar to the name of one of the idol's co-member. Lily is the daughter of Luca, who was born in June 2018.

Luca, as per BLACKPINK member Lisa, is not sensitive like Leo. The "How You Like That" singer's first cat, Leo, on the other hand, is very sweet and smart. Lisa even revealed that Leo has been doing a very good job in waking her up in the morning.

As of press time, the most recent YouTube video of BLACKPINK Lisa, which she titled "Introducing the L Family," already generated 2.9 million views. The clip also garnered more than 724,000 likes and a total of 51,553 comments. It is also, currently, the No. 3 trending video on YouTube.


BLACKPINK Lisa Visited A Café and What Does The Café Say About Her Personalities?

BLACKPINK Lisa had returned to her homeland Thailand for promotional events and while there, she reunited with her friends and family.

In the process, she visited Café Thieves & Bar. And, the manners she showed had the establishment writing about it.

They not only thanked Lisa for coming to their establishment but they said she was “pretty, [courteous], and very well mannered” despite her celebrity status. And when they’d offered to give her special treatment, she’d refused.

In addition to showing their support for Lisa, they also added a new item to their menu in her honor, seemingly chosen by Lisa herself.

Lisa has remained humble throughout her career and continues to do so, even when no one is watching because that’s who she is.


Is BLACKPINK Lisa's Solo Debut Happening in June? DJ Snake Claims He's Doing 'Something' with Thai Rapper?

YG Entertainment, previously, revealed that the Thai rapper would be having her solo stint after Rosé releases her album.

BLACKPINK Lisa Rumored to Have Her Solo Debut in June

Earlier this week, photos of YG Entertainment's alleged plan and updates schedules were circulated online. The document suggested that the talent agency is planning to start the second quarter of 2021 with a bang by having the solo debut of BLACKPINK Lisa in June.

There have been limited pieces of information about the imminent solo debut of Lisa. So, avid followers of the BLACKPINK member got more thrilled upon hearing about the supposed June 2021 schedule.

Aside from the solo debut of BLACKPINK member Lisa, rookie group TREASURE is also said to make their comeback to the music scene two months from now. A product launch from most YG groups is also expected to happen in September. YG Entertainment, as per reports, carefully planned these activities in an attempt to bring a significant amount of physical album sales in the second and third quarters of the current year.

Most, if not all, fans can recall that BLACKPINK Lisa shared, during an interview with Elle Magazine, that she and YG Entertainment have been trying their best to release her first-ever solo music very soon. The co-member of Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo even shared, at the time, that she is extremely excited about her solo debut.

The "How You Like That" singer even revealed that her forthcoming album would be a very special one since she is able to contribute her personal opinions and participate in the process of completing the entire project. Some fans speculated that the official title of BLACKPINK Lisa's album is "COMING SOON" since it was her exact words during one of her interviews.

Did BLACKPINK Lisa Collaborate with DJ Snake for Her Solo Album?

Meanwhile, DJ Snake shocked everyone when he hinted at a possible collaboration with BLACKPINK member Lisa. The French record producer revealed, thru his official Twitter account, that he and the Thai rapper are working on a project.

DJ Snake wrote "We have something" and accompanied it with a "shush" emoji. Some BLINKs are not surprised with the "Middle" hitmaker's statement since she has been in constant communication with BLACKPINK for quite some time already.

In fact, DJ Snake sent fans into a frenzy when he shared a photo of him together with BLACKPINK members Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé and captioned it with "DJ Snake and BLACK PINK in your area." Since then, the friendship continues to flourish that they have been seen commenting on each other's posts on social media.

However, it is important to note that, up until now, YG Entertainment has not yet released any official detail about the highly anticipated solo debut of BLACKPINK member Lisa, including the official release date of her album and her collaborators. Hence, devoted supporters of the Thai rapper should take these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.