Conspiracy Theories From BLACKPINK's New Logo: Funny But Convincing

Conspiracy Theories From BLACKPINK's New Logo: Funny But Convincing

Let's see what Blink "detectives" deduce from BLACKPINK's new stylized logo!

On the afternoon of November 19, YG released a number of new merchandise models related to BLACKPINK and the album "The Album". In addition to the company knows how to attract the fans, the "detectives" Blinks (the fandom name of BLACKPINK) also quickly deduced a series of "conspiracy theories" from the new logo printed on the merchandise of the group.

First, the group's new stylized logo, when reversed, will get a stylized letter like the word "de". Many fans immediately predicted that the word "de" stands for "deluxe", which leads to the possibility that BLACKPINK will release a deluxe version (special version) for "The Album" in the near future.

In addition, "december" (December) also starts with 2 letters "de". Many fans believe that the group's new logo is hinting about a certain BLACKPINK event that will happen in December: Rosé solo? BLACKPINK has released a new song?,... all of which are put on the "sight" by the Blinks.

There is a "conspiracy theory" that sounds "smirking" more, that is, there are many "detective" Blinks noticed that the new stylized logo of BLACKPINK looks quite similar to the symbol ... lungs. The lung belongs to the respiratory system, which is called the "respiratory system" in English. This word has 17 letters and is unexpected, exactly 17 days from the day YG launches the merch model, MAMA 2020 will officially take place. Plus the theory that "de" means "december", many fans deduce: BLACKPINK will attend MAMA next December!

TREASURE recently confirmed to attend MAMA, which is an act of connecting the love-line between YG and MAMA so is it possible for BLACKPINK to come to this music awards? Possible!

Which theories do you believe?


BLACKPINK Rumored To Release New Deluxe Album THIS DECEMBER, 2020

Great news for the BLINKS is now out of the oven, as new music has been reported to be on the way. Although the notice has confused more than one, here we explain why.

It is assumed that recently “THE ALBUM” (era), ended. This after knowing that the artists had no more scheduled dates to appear on the television channels of their country. Knowing this, many people and even BLACKPINK themselves have said goodbye and thanked everyone for the good times in the era of THE ALBUM.

In this image Lisa said goodbye and thanked for the good times.

“During this era, I want to shout 100 times to my blinks, who supported us unconditionally. From our very first day, thank you for giving us so much love, we are so happy to be able to show so much of our content to our blinks.”

This for many is a … We will see you later… maybe in next year since it is common for KPOP groups to withdraw after finishing an era, and then make their long-awaited COMEBACK. But what about BLACKPINK?

Well, we think that behind all this, there is the power they have achieved because the investors want the band to go on and keep selling, and for that, what do you need ?: Albums and promotion.

Investors have raised the issue by saying the following:

Most likely, YG and Interscope Records decided to release a Deluxe album, which would have more singles. Remember that for now Interscope also has force in the decisions made by the group.