YG Plus To Fall Under Contract With Tencent Music Ent - Chance For BLACKPINK Collab?

YG Plus To Fall Under Contract With Tencent Music Ent - Chance For BLACKPINK Collab?

They'll be able to distribute music and concerts and videos to all platforms under Tencent Music.

It is confirmed that YG Plus, has signed a contract with Tencent Music Entertainment in China (owners of QQ Music and with over 600M active users).

The company said, "We expanded the market to the US and the Europe through contracts with global music distributor FUGA last month, including Seven Digital (US), Facebook, TikTok, JioSaavn (India), and Qobuz (France) and we will further strengthen our expertise as music content distributors and expand our global music distribution company."

YG PLUS, INC, formerly PHOENIX HOLDINGS INC, is a Korea-based advertising agency. Along with its affiliated companies, the Company operates two categories of businesses: advertisement production business and media agency business. Its advertisement production business creates advertisements for its clients.

YG PLUS is an investment platform that develops YG's capabilities into the concept of entertainment content and lifestyle to create a valuable business for the people around the world. Making valuable changes in life is the ultimate goal of the YG family.

YG PLUS, meanwhile, has secured more than 40 million domestic and international music sources through collaborations with global music distributors such as Orchard and Laut Note.

Based on this, the company is actively carrying oversea business through Line Music and other representative music platforms in Asia. Yandex, the representative music platforms in Russia and Eastern Europe, and Anghami, the representative platform in the Middle East.

Promoting BLACKPINK in China has been rumored as one of the biggest strategies of YG for the girls, starting with the girls have a collab with PUBG Mobile - the popular game under Tencent. This contract of YG Plus and Tencent Music Ent has once affirmed the possibility of BLACKPINK get more attention and promotions in not only China but also other areas all around the world.

There's no announcement about any BLACKPINK's plans for Tencent or not but it is understandable for us to expect this collab.


BLACKPINK Releases Surprise Teaser For Mega Project



YG Entertainment, the girls' agency, posted a surprise teaser video titled 'BLACKPINK – AROUND THE WORLD' on their official SNS at 9 AM KST on November 23.

Starting with Seoul, satellite-view photos of major cities around the world and local time appeared one after another. Along with BLACKPINK's signature sound, their mega hit song 'How You Like That' also resonated, increasing the viewer's heart rate.


In the second half of the 'BLACKPINK – AROUND THE WORLD' video, in which countless cities were showed in one scene, a pink crown was placed on the Earth, heralding a project that expresses the global status of BLACKPINK, who have established themselves as one of the top global girl groups, and its overwhelming scale..

As the teaser video of about 30 seconds was released for the first time, the identity and any information regarding its content have yet to be known, but the curiosity and expectations of global fans have already soared. This is because BLACKPINK's year-end big event is very anticipated, considering that the promotion is usually carried out about a month before.

BLACKPINK has gained an unrivaled position in the global music market with their vigorous activities this year. Each new song released, including 'Sour Candy' with pop star Lady Gaga in May, 'How You Like That' in June, 'Ice Cream' with pop star Selena Gomez in August and 'THE ALBUM', their first full-length album in four years in October, has written a new history for K-Pop girl groups.


In fact, thanks to these achievements, BLACKPINK was recently ranked as the most influential pop star in the world by Bloomberg. They are the first Asian singers to be named, beating out prominent pop stars such as Cardi B and Justin Bieber.