Blinks Argue With Famous Twitch Streamer After She Shared That She Does Not Like BlackPink Music

Blinks Argue With Famous Twitch Streamer After She Shared That She Does Not Like BlackPink Music

BLINKs are unhappy with what this famous Twitch streamer said about their famous band BLACKPINK.

Twitch streamer, with the name 39daph, recently argued with fans of world-renowned K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK after the former gave critical remarks about this famous girl band. The entire clash stemmed from the recent opinion about BLACKPINK in which she explained why she doesn't like the taste of BlackPink's music

She stated, "BLACKPINK is actually not good though, they literally just regurgitate the same EDM trash sh*t over and over and people are like 'Oh my God, they're so beautiful, they're so great, look at them!' Yeah, they're really popular, but quality-wise, they're not great."

Following her opinion about the K-Pop girl group, enraged BLINKs (BLACKPINK's official fan club) spammed her with hateful messages. Not to mention, 39daph shared a screenshot of a conversation between her and one particular BLINK, who was triggered by her criticism regarding BLACKPINK.

She is also known to be an acquaintance of K-Pop idol Jae, who is a member of JYP Entertainment's idol band DAY6. And during the clash, his name was somehow involved in the whole situation, causing 39daph to lash out at the fans' toxicity. She made a series of tweets to respond to the fans' attack.

As expected, the Twitch streamer's tweets garnered more attention from BLINKs. And so, fans continue to express their opinions, revealing how they are unhappy about what she said. While some BLACKPINK fans threw hate at the streamer, the others tried to convince their fellow BLINKs to ignore 39daph and stop bullying her as it was embarrassing.

While fans couldn't help themselves from attacking 39daph, the latter received support from her fellow Twitch streamer, particularly HasanAbi, who also commented on her tweet.

Up to now, 39daph continues to face the fury of an angry mob of BLINKs. 39daph, also known as Daphne, is a well-known Twitch streamer who has approximately 678,000 followers on the Amazon-owned platform. She is mainly a 'Just Chatting' streamer, who sometimes play games such as Apex Legends.

Meanwhile, K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK continues to achieve impressive accomplishments in the music industry. BLACKPINK's "THE ALBUM" placed second in its sixth week on Billboard's World Albums chart. "Lovesick Girls," which is included in the group's album peaked at No. 3 on Gaon Digital Chart for the week of Nov. 8 to 14.

Additionally, in Gaon's streaming chart, BLACKPINK's "Lovesick Girls" came in at No. 3. Then, in the social chart of Gaon, the girl group continues to be on top for the 25th consecutive week.

Furthermore, the band's music video for "How You Like That" became the fastest K-pop group MV to reach 650 million views, beating their own record with "Kill This Love" MV. It took around four months, 24 days, and one hour to attain the feat for "How You Like That," while it took seven months, 10 days, and 20 hours for "Kill This Love."

And in other news, it was revealed that BLACKPINK is the most popular girl group in the United States following a survey in which it was revealed that 80% of respondents are followers of the girl group.