BREAKING NEWS: Kim Chung Ha tests positive for COVID-19

BREAKING NEWS:  Kim Chung Ha tests positive for COVID-19

Kim Chung Ha has tested positive for COVID-19.

SPOTV News reported that on December 7th, Kim Chung Ha received a positive diagnosis after she was notified as someone who came into close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case. The label has yet to release an official statement, however, it seems like there will be an inevitable delay to her comeback promotions.

Get well soon, Chung Ha!

Previously, Chung Ha announced a new comeback.

Kim Chung Ha dropped her first teaser image for her upcoming single.

She'll be coming back with her single 'Dream of You' soon. The teaser image shows her in a striped suit and fedora, and she is definitely channeling some girl crush vibes. She's further teasing that her upcoming single will be a 'collaboration single', and fans are now even more curious than ever who the collaboration will be with.

'Dream of You' will drop at noon KST on the 27th.


Chungha To Collab With Unknown Artist For Single 'Dream Of You' On November 27

Chungha released various teasers for her first full-length album 'QUERENCIA' and new single 'Dream Of You' on her official SNS account on November 18-20.

According to the teaser images, Chungha will release her new single 'Dream of You' on November 27 before releasing her first full-length album 'QUERENCIA' in January next year. In addition to 'Dream of You', the images also features information about the mysterious single 'X', which is scheduled to be released on December 10, drawing attention.

In addition, a detailed schedule for her comeback has also been unveiled. What surprised fans the most was the revelation that the single 'Dream of You' is a collaboration song, between Chungha and unknown artist. Based on the release time of the single, which is 12 PM KST, fans anticipated that the unknown artist will be a foreign one.

Prior to this, on November 18, a total of three coming-soon teaser videos with the words '2020 NOVEMBER', '2020 DECEMBER' and '2021 JANUARY' on top of the mysterious and dreamy mood images were released, suggesting the release of the first full-length album and the new single.

Music fans are also paying keen attention to the new single 'Dream of You', which will soon take off its veil, as Chungha's unique voice, powerful energy and eye-catching performance have been greatly loved for a long time.