12 Idols Have Been Single Since The Day They Were Born

12 Idols Have Been Single Since The Day They Were Born

Dating as an idol may be something hard to see, but it's common for idols to date prior to their debut or once they've established themselves in the industry. However, these twelve idols have confessed that they have been single since the first day of their life. Keep on reading to learn who they are!

1. NU'EST's Hwang Minhyun

It's hard to believe that someone as good looking Minhyun has never dated, but it's true! The idol has once revealed that the closest he has ever had with dating was online, saying he would often message a girl online while in middle school. Other than that, he has never been in a real relationship. He even confessed that the first time he started receiving girls' skinship was during NU'EST's fan meetings!


Rosé revealed she has never dated on an episode of Park Jinyoung's "Party People." It is most likely that she was never able to date due to YG Entertainment's strict no-dating rule. Additionally, she moved to South Korea from Australia when she was only fifteen-years-old, meaning she spent most of her life focused on intense idol training.

3. AOA's Chanmi

Though a veteran idol, Chanmi has previously confessed that she had never been dated before. Despite being asked questions concerning her love life and romance, Chanmi rarely has any input. One reason she believes she is unable to date is due to her not having a phone during her debut days, meaning she never got the chance to meet people nor keep in touch with the people she does meet.

4. Chung Ha

Despite how popular Chung Ha is with the boys, the idols have never dated. In an interview, Chung Ha previously stated that the closest she has ever had to date was texting with a guy for a month, but nothing ever happened, and they never became an item.

5. Lovelyz's Kei

Known as the cutie of Lovelyz, it surprised many fans when Kei confessed that she has never dated before. In a talk show, Kei revealed that not only has she never dated, but she also has never been confessed to, and no one has tried to ask her out. One of the reasons is because of how she started training at such a young age and, when she debuted with Lovelyz, just did not have the time to date.

6. B.I

During a show, B. I introduced myself as someone who has been single for twenty years. When the show's cast members started to question the truth in his statement, he insisted he was telling the truth. He confessed that he has never been in a relationship and never even kissed anyone, adding that he's never had "some" relationship with a person, which means he has never had mutual feelings with someone.

7. B.A.P's Zelo

B.A.P's Zelo once confessed that he has been single since birth. Though he has no experience being in a relationship, he revealed that he thinks he would be extremely romantic when he finds "the one" and would compose a song to confess to her.

8. BTS's V

In an interview with BTS, the boys were asked if they had really never dated. V spoke up to answer and admitted that, while he has had girlfriends before, it is only because he felt bad rejecting someone's confession. All of his relationships have ended in less than 20 days! With that, V has not seriously dated anyone, nor has he a legit relationship where he actually likes the other person.

9. B1A4's Gongchan

Previously, during a show, all of the B1A4 members admitted to having their first kiss. All, except Gongchan! Gongchan confessed that not only has he never dated, but he also has never kissed and has only seen kissing in movies.

10. Apink's Naeun

In 2018, Naeun revealed that she has never dated. However, she says that she wanted to fall in love so that she will be able to show off being in love while on-screen perfectly. Naeun says that she needs to experience love to be able to portray it well.

11. AB6IX's Lee Daehwi

During an appearance on "Amazing Saturday-DoReMi Market," Lee Daehwi revealed that he has never dated before. While he seemed sad about being single since birth, he hoped that he would be a great boyfriend when the time comes.

12. Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi has previously confessed that she has never been in a relationship but hasn't shied away from saying that she wants to date. In an episode of "Don't Be Jealous," Somi revealed that she has a dating bucket list that she wants to complete with a future relationship.

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