B.I IS BACK and Reunites With CL and Zico in Powerful Line-up for Epik High's Album

B.I IS BACK and Reunites With CL and Zico in Powerful Line-up for Epik High's Album

The former iKON leader and member B.I is finally back in the music scene, as he completed the powerful featuring lineup for Epik High's return!

After years of indefinite hiatus in the music industry, Kim Hanbin, or popularly known as B.I will finally have his first appearance in the K-pop scene for the comeback of K-Hip-hop's icon, Epik High.

B.I will Return in the Music Scene As Featured Artist for Epik High's Comeback

Earlier, Epik High Tablo released the third feature Polaroid teaser image of its 10th full-length album "Epik High Is Here Part 1" on his personal social media account.

According to the released Polaroid teaser, rapper Woo Won Jae, former iKON B.I., R&B singer G soul, and singer MISO will participate as featured artists as well, following CL, Zico, Heize, Changmo, Nucksal, and Kim Sawol, completing the lineup for the much-anticipated comeback.

As of writing, K-pop fans and supporters of the ex-K-pop idol, hereinafter rapper B.I celebrate his return through SNS. Currently, #KIMHANBIN and #RapperBIxEpikHigh are trending on real-time searches.

Epik High Comeback Details

On the other hand, "Epik High Is Here" is the title of Epik High's 10th full-length album, which is their first released in three years and three months.

Along with the title track, "ROSARIO," Epik High will also drop their new songs, including "LESSON ZERO," "Based on a True Story," "LEICA," "IN SELF-DEFENSE," "TRUE CRIME," "SOCIAL DISTANCE 16," "END OF THE WORLD," and "WISH YOU WERE HERE," on January 18 at 6 p.m. KST on various music sites.

In the album, ten featured artists raised the anticipation for the album ore.

This includes the mentioned artists earlier such as CL, B.I, Zico, Changmo, Woo, Heize, Nucksal, Kim Sawol, G Soul, and Miso, who are all recognized for their excellent musical abilities, particularly in the hip-hop genre. The fact that most artists are on hiatus before the release added to the excitement of K-pop fans.


In particular, Epik High has already worked with top-notch K-pop artists such as IU, BTS Suga, Crush, Younha, and Lee Hi, raising questions if what kind of synergy will be showcased this time, with the announced lineup.
On top of these, Zico and CL also participated in the making of Epik High's title song 'ROSARIO.' It is the best combination of outstanding and distinct colors.

Epik High officially debuted in October 2003 with its first album, "Map of the Human Soul" and received good reviews for its solid theme. Since then, there has been a solid narrative on every album. Also, the same material is a little different from Epik High's perspective. What kind of stories and messages will be included in "Epik High Is Here," and what kind of messages will be interesting to watchpoints.

Moreover, Epik High has been making their own music in the midst of ups and downs and has become an irreplaceable team, maintaining the team together for 18 years. Epik High has pioneered their own path, not behind anyone, and is set to release their 10th full-length album, an important milestone.