Dispatch Says All GOT7 Members Will Leave JYP Entertainment After Contracts Expire

Dispatch Says All GOT7 Members Will Leave JYP Entertainment After Contracts Expire

The 7 members of GOT7 will not renew their exclusive contracts with JYP Entertainment. Each will sign with a different company.

According to media outlet Dispatch, GOT7 recently completed their exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment. Seven years have passed since their debut in 2014 (the maximum period for an exclusive contract under Korean standards). The '2021 Golden Disc Awards' will be their last group activity.

JYP was cautious about the transfer of the members. They are discussing various ways to keep the group with them. As the end of the contract was approaching, they said they would consult with the members until the end of the contract. However, it seems the company's effort is in vain.

"GOT7 members are close to each other," a K-Pop official said. "The members talked about being together. However, opinions were divided due to the agency's decision. After several meetings with the company, they decided to split up."

The members' new homes are also receiving great attention. The first member to leave is Jinyoung. He is set to sign an exclusive contract with BH Entertainment. The situation has now been discussed in detail. He will begin his career as an actor.

Yugyeom was also rumored to move to the hip-hop label AOMG. This is where Park Jae Beom (Jay Park), a former JYP artist, headed. Yugyeom is reported to have already held a final meeting with a high-ranking official from the company. He wants to learn hip-hop and dance professionally.

Youngjae received a love call from Sublime Artist, the agency of Song Kang Ho, Rain, and Hani. They promised to push his music as well as advertisements and pictorials.

Leader JB is also preparing for a new start. Famous hip-hop labels and global record labels have sent him love calls. He will choose a place where he is provided with full support to be a solo artist.

The foreign members' decisions are also very concerned. Jackson is active in both China and South Korea. He enters global activities through his global label 'Team Wang'. Regarding his South Korean schedule, it will be carried out through another agency.

BamBam will work in Thailand and South Korea at the same time. Content production agencies are expected to help him during his South Korean activities. He is currently positively considering signing a contract with MakeUs Entertainment.

Finally, Mark will go back to the U.S.. He plans to spend some time with his family in LA. Afterwards, he will prepare to open a personal YouTube channel. He is also considering solo music activities in the U.S.

A friend who knows GOT7 well said, "The members have a great affection for GOT7. They will work separately, but agreed to make time for GOT7's reunion."

UPDATE: Responding to the news, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the group will officially leave the agency after their exclusive contracts expire on January 19.

In a related development, all 7 members of GOT7 took to their personal Instagram accounts to comfort fans with a group photo and the hashtag #GOT7FOREVER.