6 Female Idols Are Natural Beauties Of JYP

6 Female Idols Are Natural Beauties Of JYP

How does #6 look that stunning in middle school?!

Pre-debut photos of our favorite idols are usually a hit or a miss. They either reveal an idol’s surgery history or an idol’s natural beauty, which is then praised by netizens. With that said, here are 6 of JYP‘s most iconic girl group graduation photos that prove they’re a natural beauty.

1. Dahyun (TWICE)

First up on our list of natural JYP beauties is TWICE member Dahyun! Known for her milky white skin and beautiful mono-lid eyes, Dahyun is constantly getting praise for her pretty looks. While it is obvious that she is gorgeous now, she also boasted good looks back in her school days!

Dahyun’s graduation photo is such a hot topic because she looks the same back then as she does now! Her milky white skin and adorable eyes are still very much prevalent in her graduation photo. The only two things that have changed are her clothes and her hair color. Many years may have passed between the two photos but she somehow manages to look exactly the same.

2. Nayeon (TWICE)

Next up is another TWICE member but this time, it is Nayeon! Nayeon is always making headlines for her gorgeous visuals whether she fully made up for a performance or she’s lounging and being casual. Lucky for her, it seems like her beautiful face isn’t going anywhere because she boasts the same stunning visuals in her graduation picture.

Seriously, can anyone tell us the difference between the two? Her cute cheeks and bunny teeth are still so visible in her graduation photo that it’s hard to deny that it’s the TWICE member. Hairstyles may come and go but Nayeon’s stunning visuals are always constant. It’s no wonder she was chosen as the girl group’s center!

3. Sunmi

Solo singer and former JYP Entertainment alum Sunmi is also on this list. The former Wonder Girls member turned heads with her amazing looks and perfect body proportions when she first debuted. Sunmi proves that some things never change as her graduation photos are also the talk of the town amongst netizens.

Even though it’s clear that she is wearing absolutely no makeup in this photo, her beauty still manages to radiate. With a simple middle part and her school uniform, the “Gashina” singer’s visuals have remained the same throughout the years. Her beauty was so prominent in her younger days, that she won a ulzzang contest that was held on a popular online forum.

4. Suzy

Another former JYP Entertainment alum and this time, it is the legendary Suzy. The former Miss A member is always managing to stun netizens with her incredible visuals year-round. She stood out on the stage anytime she performed due to her unrealistic beauty, quickly gaining numerous nicknames for her looks. Netizens would sometimes refer to her as being the best female idol visual in K-Pop history.

What made her beauty even more spectacular is the fact that she proves she’s completely natural with her graduation photos. Netizens are stunned time and time again by how much the actress has not changed since her middle school years. While her hairstyle may be questionable, her face has remained the same proving her status as natural beauty.

5. Yeji (ITZY)

JYP’s newest girl group ITZY has made it onto this list with member Yeji. Also known for her mono-lids, Yeji shocked netizens not only with her unique beauty but also her incredible dancing talent. Netizens were immediately drawn to her stage presence, as well as her adorable facial features.

While she is still quite young, Yeji’s graduation photos added onto the shock factor for netizens because of how similar she looks! While she gives off a more innocent vibe in her graduation photo, no one can deny her never-changing visuals. Yeji’s graduation pictures prove yet again, how JYP seems to only pick talented natural beauties.

6. Yuna (ITZY)

Last, but most definitely not least is another ITZY member, and this time, it’s their maknae Yuna! She is known to be another legendary JYP maknae. Netizens quickly noticed that JYP girl groups have had one incredible thing in common, which is the fact that their maknae‘s are all literal goddesses. Along with Wonder Girl‘s Sohee, Suzy and Tzuyu, Yuna was naturally added onto the list due to her insanely beautiful looks.

Come on, how is this fair? Look at how incredible Yuna manages to look in her graduation photos! She has the big doe eyes and perfect oval-shaped face that netizens have come to love. Although this is her middle school graduation photo, Yuna looks absolutely stunning, even with her braces. No one can deny her natural beauty and if anything, this just proves that God definitely has favorites.