9 Moments To Show That BLACKPINK Is Indeed A Group of Comedians

9 Moments To Show That BLACKPINK Is Indeed A Group of Comedians

BLACKPINK's talents, skills, or visuals are not a new subject anymore because other than that, all of the members are charming entertainers themselves.

In comparison with other famous groups, BLACKPINK still has a long long way to go. However, after 4 years since their debut, BLACKPINK has gained more impressive achievements and records than any K-Pop group could expect to have. The girls never hesitate to prove that each of them is individually a precious gem, not only in the terms of skills or talents.

What even makes fans fall for them more is their cuteness and hilariousness naturally. Since going on variety shows is a common thing in K-Pop, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé show that they have enough qualities to be good entertainers.

These 9 moments below will prove how this thing goes. But, prepare yourself because of the exploding cuteness.

Jisoo and her funny side in 'Running Man"

In the heat of variety shows, it is hard to think thoroughly and wisely. Because of that, Jisoo had to react as fast as possible, and her final answers were hilarious that brought lots of laughter to "Running Man".

Jennie's iconic aegyo-explosion

It is an undeniable fact that when facing such an adorable girl like Jennie, no one could be calm. And of course, Kwang Soo was not an exception.

Jisoo and her paper hat

It is not random that Jisoo is expected to be the next entertaining star of YG Ent. Besides her goddess visual, Jisoo's even more famous for her 4D personality and charming sense of humor. This is all naturally come from her innocence and a bit "goofy" - which is also her signature characteristics. Even when in this making video, Jisoo still managed to finish her work despite having a piece of paper on her head. Her confusing and shyness were what made her become cuter than ever.

Lisa, Jennie and their imitating of Yang Hyun Suk

There's this fact transferred years by years: Imitating Yang Hyun Suk is a must if you're a YG idol. BLACKPINK also made sure they inherited this tradition. While Jennie was a cute version of Yang, Lisa showed her all potential to become an entertainer with her impressive imitating.

Jung Hyun Don's long-lost daughter?

Rosé is usually mistaken for being the most talkative and loudest member in BLACKPINK. In reality, she was the type of silent queen and random stories on TV, such as her thoughts about how Jung Hyung Don resemble of her father.

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Lisa and her dance

Getting praised as the best dancer in BLACKPINK, Lisa wouldn't miss any chance to express her talents and charisma. One of the most memorable and viral moments of Lisa on variety shows was her Taxi dance and Star dance.

BLACKPINK's random dance

To the idols, food is the goal that makes them determine the most. This fact was more clearer with BLACKPINK when the girl group appeared on Weekly Idol. In the "Random dance" part on this show, when all of the members prepared to win then Jisoo was the one who failed, However, her mistake was too cute for fans to handle.

K-pop idols or Disney princesses?

It was just a simple moment when BLACKPINK sat with each other and sang Disney songs, plus the lovely appearance of their cute pets. Blinks claim that BLACKPINK is the kind of girl group that doesn't need to do much, they just sit together and let their cuteness spreading out.

Jennie's voiced over Rosé

When Jennie imitated the way Rosé speaks English, we had this cute moment.