BLACKPINK Rosé, Lisa, IU and More: Who Will Claim As "SOLO QUEEN" in 2021?

BLACKPINK Rosé, Lisa, IU and More: Who Will Claim As "SOLO QUEEN" in 2021?

Which solo debut or comeback do fans anticipate the most?

With today's top singers heralding their solo comebacks and debuts -- Chung Ha, IU, HyunA, BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa -- the attention of music fans are focused on who will be the "solo queen" of the year who will mark the biggest impact on the K-pop industry with their releases.

Here's the Powerful Comeback/Debut Lineup of Female Stars This 2021.

1. Chung Ha

Chung Ha, who delayed her comeback last year after testing positive with coronavirus, announced her full recovery and is now ready to drop another bop.

On Jan. 19, she will release a pre-release single "X.," while her first full-length album "Querencia" will be kicking off on February 15.

Chung Ha had a solid reputation in the K-pop industry as one of the best performing solo female artist, who is also not afraid to venture on colorful musical attempts. Thus, fans are curious if what aspect will she show in this album that is unique to viewers and listeners.

2. IU

The "Nation's Sweetheart" is also preparing for another musical reset following her hit tracks, "Blueming," and "eight ft. and prod. by BTS Suga."

This Jan. 27, the idol-actress will drop the pre-release track ahead of her new album, whose release date is still kept under wraps.

In particular, K-pop enthusiasts are truly excited for her new music release as this is IU's full-length album in three years after "Palette," released in 2017.

Meanwhile, Edam Entertainment, IU's agency, teased music fans as they said that it is IU's first genre of music that she tries with bright and cheerful pop sounds that can be a boost to listeners.

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3. Hyun A

Considered one of the "Sexy Queens" of K-pop, HyunA is also making her return to the music scene. Initially, she was going to come back last year but due to her health condition, it was moved this year.

Indeed, the long wait is over as HyunA will be the first artist of P NATION to release a new album!

Recently, the "COMING UP NEXT" leaflet posted by Psy contained HyunA's photos that hinted at her upcoming release. In the photos, her unique aura and eyes in colorful backgrounds along with her hip styling intrigued fans.

Regardless of the kind of music, she will drop, HyunA will surely not disappoint!

4. BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa

BLACKPINK Lisa and Rosé are preparing for their respective, long-awaited solo debut!

Previously, YG Entertainment confirmed that they will have their individual release, and announced as well that they recently finished the MV filming.

Though they are under the same group, there are different kinds of anticipation that fans are giving to the idols.

In particular, Rosé is the main vocalist of BLACKPINK, while Lisa is the main dancer. It is picking fans' interest if they will both focus on their strengths, or experiment on their other abilities.

Rosé rapping? Lisa singing? Who knows? We're all for it nevertheless!


BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa Have Been In Process of Filming Their Solo Debut MVs

On Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020, OSEN confirmed that YG Entertainment is gearing up for the solo debuts of members Rosé and Lisa. Reports have stated that the two members were juggling filming their respective music videos, debut preparations, and preparation for their upcoming online concert, "THE SHOW (YG PALM STAGE - 200 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW", which is scheduled to be held on Jan 31, 2021.

The girl group's company, YG Entertainment, also confirmed the news, saying Rosé and Lisa are working hard to prepare for their solo debuts. Fellow BLACKPINK member, Jisoo, will prepare for her solo debut after she is done filming her drama, "Snowdrop."

Now, in reports released on Monday, Jan. 4, it has been revealed that both Rosé and Lisa have finished filming their respective solo debut music videos. Reports have also stated that YG Entertainment will be releasing their solo debut schedules soon, but no official date has been announced. It is speculated that Rosé will be debuting as a soloist first, followed by Lisa, then Jisoo.

Are you excited for Rosé and Lisa's solo debut?

YG Entertainment first announced Rosé would be debuting as a soloist back in June 2020, in a statement concerning BLACKPINK and the member's plans for the future. The company revealed that Rosé has been preparing for her solo debut for over a year now and that it was taking up more time than expected since they were planning to release an album with multiple songs instead of just one digital single release.

During their original statement, YG Entertainment confirmed Rosé would be debuting as a soloist in Sept. 2020, after the release of BLACKPINK's first-ever full-length studio album. In their statement, they also said Lisa was in the process of preparing for her solo debut and that they were starting up preparations for member Jisoo's solo release.

In the end, however, neither Rosé nor Lisa debuted as a soloist in 2020 and BLACKPINK released their first-ever full-length studio album, "THE ALBUM", in Oct. 2020. While many were upset with the company for delaying Rosé's solo, it was discovered in "BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky", BLACKPINK's Netflix documentary, that Rosé was a perfectionist who did not want to release music that was not up to par to her standards. It was further revealed that Rosé is highly involved with the creative process of her music.

YG Entertainment producer and founder of The Black Label, Teddy Park, also revealed in the documentary that though they are aware of how fans are asking for more music, they are very selective in what music they put out.

Jennie was the first BLACKPINK member to debut as a soloist. In 2018, she made her solo debut with the song "SOLO," which debuted at number one on the Gaon Music Chart and topped the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. "SOLO" achieved a triple crown for ranking atop the download, digital, and streaming charts.

While waiting for this duo to have their individual solo debuts, let's check out this song of them covering "L.O.V.E":