9 Female Idols Have Amazing Facial Expressions on Stage

9 Female Idols Have Amazing Facial Expressions on Stage

These are the top nine female idols who are highly regarded for their amazing facial expressions on stage. Keep on reading to see who was selected!


Jennie(Photo : News1)

While Jennie may appear cute and fluffy off-stage, she turns on the charm and charisma when she is on-stage. As a result, she is able to look both chic and sexy whenever she performs!

2. Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi(Photo : News1)

Seulgi is known for her cute eye smile and feline-like visuals. While she is pure and innocent off-stage, she is able to turn on her charisma when she performs, especially for Red Velvet’s “velvet” side.

3. ITZY Ryujin

Ryujin(Photo : News1)

Ryujin is ITZY‘s center, and it is not hard to see why! Her girl crush aura definitely fits with the girl group’s concept of self-confidence and self-love. Moreover, she is able to command attention with the littlest change of expression, proving she is worthy of being the group’s center.

4. Oh My Girl Mimi

Mimi(Photo : News1)

Mimi is Oh My Girl’s chic and swaggy main rapper and main dancer. Her position in the group involves a lot of emotion and character, and she definitely does not disappoint. She invokes a hip-hop flavor to all of Oh My Girl’s songs and is able to pull of both hard and soft concepts.

5. Dreamcatcher Siyeon

Siyeon(Photo : News1)

Siyeon is known as the wolf of Dreamcatcher, and there are many reasons why. One reason is due to her wild energy on stage. The idol is known for her fierce gaze and her powerful vocals, capturing anyone’s attention even with the simplest of gestures!

6. LOONA Yves

Yves(Photo : News1)

Yves only trained for three weeks before debuting with LOONA, but with her stage presence, you’d easily believe she trained for years. With her explosive dance moves and fierce gaze, Yves burns up the stage with every performance. She is able to look both cool and sexy, and her wink is sure to blow you away.

7. LOONA Kim Lip

Kim Lip(Photo : News1)

Another LOONA member who is hailed for her facial expressions is Kim Lip. This LOONA member is known as the group’s girl crush member and is known for being chic and haughty on stage. Furthermore, as one of LOONA’s dancers, she is known for her inviting facial expressions and captivating movements.

8. Chungha

Chungha(Photo : News1)

From her time as a member of I.O.I to her blossoming career as a soloist, Chungha has been known for her fierce expressions on the stage. As her songs are dance-heavy and empowering, Chungha manages to energize the audience with her dance and her facial expressions that always match the music.

9. Sunmi

Sunmi(Photo : News1)

Another soloist hailed for her facial expressions is Sunmi. Known for her artists, expressive songs, Sunmi manages to encapsulate the messages of her tracks with her facial expressions whenever she performs. Every performance is different, and Sunmi’s facial expressions are one of the reasons why!

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