Here Are 9 Beautiful Fan-Made Lightstick Designs Of K-Pop Artists

Here Are 9 Beautiful Fan-Made Lightstick Designs Of K-Pop Artists

We can’t pick a favorite!

Let’s be real: lightsticks are an essential part of any K-Pop group’s official merch. Fans eagerly await the announcement of their favorite group’s lightstick design, and while they wait, many of them turn to their imagination to create their own designs. Due to this, sometimes groups even ask their fans to design the lightstick for them! So here is our list of 9 fan-made lightstick designs we hope to see come to life one day.

1. AleXa

This super creepy yet cool lightstick was designed by user QueenofPurpleHearts on Reddit!

2. April

Although April are a six-year-old group, they still don’t have an official lightstick. This design was made by user @popkey_goods on Twitter.

3. CLC

CLC are another six-year-old group without a lightstick! This cute cat-like lightstick was also designed by @popkey_goods.

4. Everglow

Although Everglow are still a rookie group, @popkey_goods already came up with a lightstick design for them.


Although EXID are mostly inactive nowadays, fans are still hoping they’ll get an official lightstick. This animated design was made by user nj-du on EXID’s Amino forum.

6. Ghost9

Maroo Entertainment’s rookie boy group Ghost9’s lightstick design was made by user on Instagram.


ITZY do have an official light ring, but fans want a lightstick, too! This design was made by @NINEpdf on Twitter.


All the KARD lightstick designs include a nod to playing card suits, such as this one by @popkey_goods.

9. The Rose

This detail-oriented lightstick design was made by user Aerokusaki on DeviantArt.


Here Is List Of "Most Popular Artists" on YouTube Korea for 13th Week of 2021

On the latest update of YouTube Charts, which provides the trends of the top songs, top MVs, top artists, and more, IU defeated Brave Girls as well as BTS and became the top artists in Korea for the 13th week of 2021, based on its data gathered from March 26 to April 1.

Along with these artists who were referred to as "digital monsters" both domestically and internationally, prominent K-pop artists including IZ*ONE, BLACKPINK, TWICE, SHINee, and more also reigned in the rankings.

IU Ranks Above in YouTube Korea "Top Artists" and "Top Music Video"

Based on the rankings, IU is the biggest artist in YouTube Korea for the 13th week of 2021! The "Nation's Sweetheart" accumulated 22.2 million views in the country from her YouTube videos, wherein 4.12 million views from this were generated through her latest comeback title track, "LILAC" MV.

In the "Top 100 Music Videos," IU's other MVs proved their supremacy as well, including "Celebrity" at No. 4, "Coin" (No.6), "Blueming" (No. 26), and more.

IU, who was hailed as the "Top Artist" with "Top Music Video" in YouTube Korea, released her fifth full-length album, "LILAC," on March 25. This album is IU's first full-length album in four years since her fourth full-length album, "Palette," released in 2017.

A total of 10 songs were included in the album, and IU participated in producing, composing, and writing all the songs this time as well. In particular, this album drew much attention as it collaborated with various domestic and international high-end artists such as NAUL.

BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE: Here are the "Top Artists" in YouTube Korea for the 13th Week of 2021

Trailing behind IU is the "biggest boy group in the world" BTS, which has been consistently ranking in the Top 100 for 237 weeks. In Korea, they gained 9.4 million views, and it is expected to skyrocket once they finally return to the music scene with another bop in May.

Brave Girls then ranked in third place, with 7.27 million views. The "reverse-driving" queens also hinted at their summer comeback; drawing attention. Following the current four-member group is the quartet BLACKPINK. Without any release since October 2020, the "World's biggest girl group" maintained their "YouTube Queen" status, particularly in Korea with 5.1 million views.

Justin Bieber, Lim Young Woong, IZ*ONE, M.C.The Max followed at fifth to eighth place in order.

Meanwhile, TWICE and SHINee completed the Top 10, ranking consecutively. The "Asia's No. 1 Girl Group" is set to come back on May 12 with their Japanese single, "Kura Kura," while the "Princes of K-pop" SHINee is heralding for a repackage album, "Atlantis," which will kick off this April 12.

In the top 11, significant K-pop representatives, including Rosé (No.11), Baekhyun (No.18), and OH MY GIRL (No. 21), also entered the rankings.

Red Velvet, Taeyeon, ITZY, AKMU, Yang Yoseop, Chung Ha, Sunmi, and (G)-IDLE then completed the top 30.


List of 6 Best Face Wannabe Female Stars Ranked By TMI News

On Mnet's "TMI News," which aired on March 31, the ranking for "Face Wannabe Female Stars" was released. In the show, Shinhwa Junjin and Ha Sungwoon made the show more entertaining as special guests.

TMI News Ranked Top 6 Female Stars With "Best Faces" + Includes Irene, BLACKPINK Jennie

In the broadcast, the female K-pop stars and Korean celebrities with the most beautiful faces, according to plastic surgeons, were revealed.

Red Velvet Irene ranked No. 1, who is dubbed as the "real-time search fairy and ending goddess." The idol is included in the strongest visual idols among SM Entertainment, who also rose as the "original visual."

Trailing behind Irene is BLACKPINK Jennie, who has a unique visual. Currently, the main rapper of the "biggest girl group in the world" is the beauty standard of several fans for her strong, elegant yet cute and pure image---proving that she's not called "2021's trend face" for nothing.

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Girls Generation's "Nation's Center Yoongphrodite" Yoona then ranked No. 3 in the rankings. She was chosen as the most beautiful idol of 116 K-pop idols and the most sought face of college students. On top of this, her beauty is also said to remind people of their first love.

Meanwhile, what's this list without the "Nation's First Love" Suzy? The female idol who was chosen by actor Seo Kang Joon and ASTRO Eunwoo as their ideal type ranked fourth place. With her beauty, Suzy even gained more than 26 million views for a single fancam.

Lastly, Oh Yeon Seo and IZ*ONE Wonyoung ranked in fifth and sixth places. Wonyoung is only 16 years old, but she was always gaining attention for her tall height and visual, which resemble top actress Jun Ji Hyun.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Praised by Jeon Hyun Moo for Her Breathtaking Visual

In the same broadcast, the hosts and special guests also talked about the celebrities that are so beautiful they can make noise by just flaunting their faces.

While JunJin cited her co-first-gen K-pop star Fin. K.L., S.E.S., and Baby VOX as the pretty colleagues he knows, Hyun Moo narrated how BLACKPINK Jisoo amazed her by her beauty.

He confessed, "I'm not an idol, so I'll talk comfortably. There is a moment when I feel like my breath was taken. I was surprised when I saw Jisoo of BLACKPINK. I was amazed by her beauty... it was an unrealistic beauty."

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Kpop Idols Named as the Top 10 Role Models of Teen Girls in Japan

BTS Jimin, TWICE Momo and Jihyo are the Top Role Models of Gen Z

On Mar. 30, one of Japan's research institute for social media trends and Gen Z insights, Memedays, announced the results of a survey they conducted from Mar. 9 to 19, 2021.

The research, titled "Awareness Survey on the Future of Gen Z," was conducted through an online survey that was given to 114 female respondents, aged 15 to 21 years old.

According to the results of the survey, the respondents' top choice in what profession they want in the future is to be an "influencer." When asked who they view as their role models or who they want to grow up as, TWICE's Momo and Jihyo ranked in the top 10 as the only female K-Pop idols on the list.

In addition, BTS's Jimin ranked in the top 10, making him the only Korean male to be included on the list, continuing to showcase his unrivaled popularity in the country as a top K-Pop idol.

The survey results also had "Youtuber" as one of the top choices for future profession. Included in the list as well are Japanese Youtubers, Japanese idols and singers, and other Japanese celebrities.

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In related news, Jimin ranked no.1 for three weeks in a row in Nehan, a Japanese K-Pop idol popularity ranking site. Also, he has consistently ranked first in other Japanese surveys, gaining the attention of various Japanese media such as Billboard Japan, Model Press, and Harper's Bazaar Japan.

BTS Drops "Film Out" Music Video

On April 1, Big Hit released BTS's music video for "Film Out," an original soundtrack for the Japanese film "Signal."

Upon its release, the song immediately rose in the top ranks of iTunes Japan, making it BTS's first ever song to land on no.1 at the time of its release.

The song is an OST for the film spin-off of the Japanese 2018 drama series of the same name. In addition, the Japanese drama is a remake of the South Korean drama series "Signal," that first aired in 2016.

"Film Out" was co-composed by BTS's Jungkook, working alongside Iyori Shimizu of Back Number. The song is a ballad that contains sorrowful lyrics about a loved one.

What are your thoughts on Jihyo, Momo, and Jimin as role models?