What Is The Difference In Styles Between Members Of BLACKPINK Revealed By Their Stylists?

What Is The Difference In Styles Between Members Of BLACKPINK Revealed By Their Stylists?

Here’s what is different between them.

BLACKPINK‘s stylist revealed that each members’ styles were as different as their personalities!

Stylist Choi Kyung Won has been BLACKPINK’s main stylist since their debut, so she knows a great deal about each members’ preferences. Choi Kyung Won revealed that she often experimented with bold fashion styles for idols since BIGBANG and 2NE1.

With BLACKPINK however, she wanted to accentuate each member’s feminine beauty but differentiating them through their characteristics.

First, she talked about the groups’ main rapper and lead vocalist who embodies two different styles at once.

"Jennie for example is styled cute but sexy."

— Choi Kyung Won.

Even though Jisoo is best friends with Jennie, she has a more feminine feel.

"Jisoo is elegant with a girlish appeal."

— Choi Kyung Won.

Rosé is always inspired by the various music she dabbles in, which gives her a more street feel.

"Rosé’s style is inspired by the street mood styling but with a feminine and cheery touch."

— Choi Kyung Won.

Lastly, Lisa’s energetic and fierce personality is perfectly portrayed through her contrasting style!

"Lisa, since she is a rapper, is styled with boyish nuance and a witty look."

— Choi Kyung Won.

Choi Kyung Won was inspired by their album concept and songs for BLACKPINK’s unique yet beautiful styling. She’s become so close to the members that they’ve become more than co-workers!

"BLACKPINK tries to help me [with my brand] more than I help them. They’re so cute. Once, they held up [my brand’s] bag and said, ‘I’ll make sure this bag gets sold out!’ I’m so thankful they carry around my bag so often"

— Choi Kyung Won.

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BLACKPINK Wears Their “Knowing Bros” School Uniforms Differently—Here’s How

Everyone in BLACKPINK is more than just an idol—they’re fashion icons as well. Even in something as simple as a school uniform, their unique tastes shine through. Their appearances in JTBC‘s Knowing Bros exemplifies their differences in style.

Check them out below!

1. Rosé

First up, Rosé attended the variety show several times. While promoting The Album, she had on a classy version of a school uniform.

She wore a black knitted vest, a short sleeved white blouse, and a pleated gray skirt. It made her look like the ultimate school crush of fans around the globe!

The latest time she visited Knowing Bros was to promote her solo album R along with its title track “On The Ground.” She also had on a quintessential school uniform, this time a black blazer with a gray necktie.

Without a doubt, it was hard to look away from her!

2. Jennie

Next up, Jennie was sweetness personified in her Knowing Bros uniform.

She had on a full gray and white color scheme with a similar skirt as Rosé’s. Jennie set herself apart with her suit vest and long sleeved button down.

Like the true fashionista that she is, she even paired it with a fluffy scarf on the way to the studio.

Along with her headband and bright smile, she was as cute and loveable as ever!

3. Jisoo

Jisoo is elegance on another level! Her puffy sleeves and beige top gave her a soft and pleasant aura.

With her Dior belt, she looked expensive, classy, and beautiful.

Graceful and refined? That’s Jisoo!

4. Lisa

Finally, if Lisa’s outfit were a dress code, it would be a mix of business and cocktail. Her blazer would let her fit in among office workers around the globe, but her turtleneck blouse with lace detailing would not look amiss in an upper class party.

She was undeniably trendy and chic from top to bottom.

It proves that she can fit in anywhere!

No matter how they wear their school uniforms, they all look drop dead gorgeous!