BLACKPINK Lisa Goes Out With Friends Kevin Woo And CLC’s Sorn In LA

BLACKPINK Lisa Goes Out With Friends Kevin Woo And CLC’s Sorn In LA

She has had so much fun!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been very busy during her trip to Los Angeles, California!

She reunited with her bestie, Indonesian singer, songwriter, and record producer NIKI at 88rising‘s 2021 Head In The Clouds (HITC) music festival. And, honestly, we can’t help but hope that they’re also planning a collab because how amazing would their voices be together?

They weren’t alone either! CLC‘s Sorn, one of Lisa’s fellow Thai K-Pop idols and best friends, was there too.

Lisa has even spoken about wanting to collaborate with other artists on her trip. She would love to work with Selena Gomez again and can’t wait to meet Megan Thee Stallion!

She has, of course, already met up with another one of her other “SXY GIRL” (also known as “SG”) artists, producer DJ Snake! They hung out together at Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Lisa is a social butterfly, of course, so that’s not all! Now, she has really met up with several more famous friends.

Former U-Kiss member, singer, and actor Kevin Woo shared an amazing photo of himself at an iconic spot in LA, the assemblage sculpture “Urban Light” by Chris Burden at the Wilshire Boulevard entrance to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He looked handsome as always…

We weren’t the only ones who thought so either. His friends Sorn and her best friend Leonard Lim also left some comments, revealing that they might have been there too.

| @kevinwoo91/Instagram

| @kevinwoo91/Instagram

Well, if you look at Leonard Lim’s Instagram, it turns out that the three of them were all hanging out together! But, there was someone else… none other than Lisa!

So, it looks like Thai besties Lisa and Sorn are getting to spend time together along with some of their other good friends! We love to see it.

These two have actually been friends for a really long time, long before they were two successful K-Pop idols! And, when Lisa made her debut in BLACKPINK, Sorn was continually supportive.

I have to say that she is a really, really down to earth and a girl with a really big dream. She always work hard in everything and she’s seriously really talented too… So I seriously want you guys to support Lisa like I do.

— Sorn

Lisa (left) and Sorn (right) | CLC fancafe

They hung out back in Thailand, and they have hung out in South Korea and now LA. Wherever they go, this friendship is surely one that withstands time, location, anything!

Since we were both from Thailand, we actually understood each other really well in many ways… Me and Lisa we were always there for each other even though we were in different company.

— Sorn

| CLC fancafe

Sorn and Lisa have one of the cutest friendships!