Former K-Pop Manager Chooses The 5 Idols Who Are The Most Attractive, And Here Are His Picks

Former K-Pop Manager Chooses The 5 Idols Who Are The Most Attractive, And Here Are His Picks

It’s easy to see why!

The life of a K-Pop manager is one of the most challenging roles in the industry. From making sure idols are at appearances, organizing their daily schedules, and much more, it is a role full of responsibility. Even with the hardships, there is no denying that some of the perks come with seeing idols in real life.

In a recent video released on the Doyouram YouTube channel, former manager Nam Yoon Jae revealed what it was like being a manager at one of the biggest labels in Korea. Seeing so many groups, he shared the idols he thought were the most attractive.

1. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Although Nam Yoon Jae singled out Tzuyu as one of the best-looking idols he’s seen, he had praise for all the TWICE members. He explained that every time he saw them, he thought, “Ahhh… so pretty.” Yet, it was Tzuyu who stood out for him since their debut in 2016. With one of the sweetest smiles in K-Pop and dazzling visuals, it is hard to disagree with his choice.

2. Yuna (ITZY)

Like TWICE, it seems almost impossible to say that one member is more attractive than the others. Yet, it was Yuna’s red hair during their promotion for “DALLA DALLA” that stood out the most for him. He added that seeing Yuna and ITZY was the first time since seeing TWICE that he was so taken back by someone’s visuals.

3. Yeeun (CLC)

Back in 2018, CLC stunned fans with their sophisticated and girl crush vibes in their song “BLACK DRESS.” Combined with her short bob haircut, there is no denying that Yeeun looked stunning during this era. With the song’s powerful concept, is it any surprise that she stood out?

4. Ten (NCT)

Like many idols on this list, Nam Yoon Jae had so much praise for all the NCT members, explaining that they were “really good-looking.” In particular, Ten stood out the most for many reasons. He added that, although Ten looks very cute, his dance was so powerful and made him look very cool.

5. Sunyoul (UP10TION)

Although his final pick had less to do with visual attractiveness, Nam Yoon Jae also pointed out that Sunyoul from UP10TION was well-mannered when meeting him. In particular, there was one time he was removing makeup but still made an effort to greet the managers of the other artists. Because of this, Nam Yoon Jae explained that he wishes the best for his future.