5 K-Pop Idols That No One Can Dislike

5 K-Pop Idols That No One Can Dislike

The K-Pop community is built on opinions, whether they're popular or unpopular

It is perfectly normal for an audience to have varied tastes and differing opinions on someone or something. It is near impossible for a K-Pop group and their music to be to everyone's liking. However, something unique about the Korean entertainment industry is how intimate (at least as intimate as a company will let them get), artists are with their fans.

Through V-Lives, Instagram Lives, variety shows, fan cafes, platforms like Weverse and UNIVERSE, K-Pop idols can communicate with their fans. Some variety shows are meant to bring out the real personalities of idols and how they're truly like in person. With reality shows like 'BTS In The Soop,' 'EXO Ladder,' and more, fans get a glimpse into how idols are like in real life. While one may argue, rightfully so, that these shows and broadcasts are too controlled and monitored to ever be a perfectly real depiction of their personalities, they nonetheless give fans an illusion of knowing their favorite idols better, albeit, not without tinges of reality.

As such, fans have a fondness for their idols beyond their music. With that said, here are 5 K-Pop idols who no one can dislike.

Red Velvet's Wendy

The Red Velvet main vocalist is adored by millions and respected by them too, not just because of her talent and charms but also because of her admirable personality. She's kind and gentle but also self-affirmed and confident, radiating with brightness. In other words, she's the perfect role model for innumerable young people around the world who aspire to be like her one day.


GFRIEND's Sowon is deeply caring towards others, especially her members. She is considerate and gives off an aura of dependability. What you see is what you get with Sowon, and there are no two ways about it. She thrives when she's being herself, and it shows.

WEi's Kim Yohan

One of the most popular contestants on 'Produce X 101' and a member of boy group WEi, Kim Yohan, is simply loveable. He's talented, honest, helpful, kind, and respectful, and most importantly, his values and morals are aligned to his nature.

ASTRO's Jinjin

ASTRO's Jinjin is the very definition of rainbows and sunshine because that is how he makes people around him feel. He's always more concerned about the well-being of others, and accordingly, he always puts them first. Jinjin's podcast with PENTAGON's Kino is the perfect example of this, where Jinjin prefers to make his guests comfortable and let them speak rather than taking up the spotlight. He truly deserves the world.

GOT7's Jackson

Finally, this list wouldn't be complete without Jackson Wang. Jackson is a man of his words. He's in touch with his emotions, has a deep respect for his art, and, above anything else, knows how to create a healthy environment around him. He can make anyone feel comfortable with him, and his sense of humor is enviable. We all wish we could have a friend like Jackson.