GOT7 Jackson Reveals This BLACKPINK Member Taught Him Popular Dance Moves

GOT7 Jackson Reveals This BLACKPINK Member Taught Him Popular Dance Moves

During an appearance on a Chinese variety show, GOT7 member Jackson reveals that BLACKPINK Lisa taught him trendy Thai dance moves!

BLACKPINK Lisa Taught GOT7 Jackson Popular Thai Dance Moves

On Thursday, Jun. 24, Jackson appeared on the Chinese show "Go Fridge" alongside the popular Chinese boy group INTO1.

During one part of the episode, Jackson is seen serenading Nine, a Thai member of INTO1. He is seen singing a famous Thai song and soon shows off some cute dance moves!

The dance causes Nine to laugh, as the dance moves are familiar to him. As he teases Jackson for being "awkward," the GOT7 member revealed that he learned the hip dance moves from none other than Thai K-pop idol Lisa from BLACKPINK!

After hearing that Jackson learned the dance from Lisa, Nine appeared surprised and asked, "Really?!" Jackson then told Nine that Lisa taught him the dance moves, claiming that they are trendy in Thailand at the moment.

This just proves that Jackson and Lisa are good friends! Despite not being from the same company, the two have had numerous cute interactions. Previously, during an Instagram Live, Jackson was asked if he was a fan of BLACKPINK. The idol confirmed that he loves the group and that he is a massive fan of the group.

During an event with GOT7, Jackson, alongside fellow members, Bambam and Yugyeom, performed a short cover of BLACKPINK's 2018 hit, "DDU-DU DDU-DU."

He performed the iconic BLACKPINK song once more during an Instagram Live on 88rising's account. After saying, "Lisa, check this out!" The GOT7 member rushes to his backup dancers, and they perform "DDU-DU DDU-DU." After the end of their performance, Jackson chants, "Lisa! Lisa! Lisa!"

After seeing evidence of Jackson and Lisa's friendship, many are hoping to see the two have more interactions in the future. Unfortunately, though Jackson has shown his admiration for Lisa numerous times in the past, the idols have not had any public interactions with each other.

Many speculate that Lisa became close to Jackson due to her longtime friendship with another GOT7 member, Bambam! The two have been friends since childhood and now, as idols, continue to support one another. Bambam recently revealed that Lisa called him to greet him with a happy birthday, and the two promote the same brand in Thailand.

What do you think of the situation? Are Jackson and Lisa friendship goals?