EXO’s Lay And GOT7’s Jackson Wang Show Support For One Another Upon Jackson’s Historic 2022 Coachella Performance

EXO’s Lay And GOT7’s Jackson Wang Show Support For One Another Upon Jackson’s Historic 2022 Coachella Performance

They are the definition of friendship goals!

If you didn’t know, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and EXO‘s Lay are true friendship goals!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

EXO’s Lay

Despite coming from two “competing companies,” they became great friends as they went through similar situations. They are both from China, traveled to South Korea while young, worked hard, and ultimately debuted as members of two of the hottest K-Pop boy groups.

EXO’s Lay | SM Entertainment

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | JYP Entertainment

They have also appeared together as mentors on shows such as Street Dance of China 3.


Their bond is so strong and has lasted years now. Both recently left their original companies. Last year, Jackson departed from JYP Entertainment along with the rest of GOT7. Likewise, Lay left SM Entertainment this year.

Through all life changes, the two idols have supported each other even if it was from afar.


Now, they are showing their support and love publicly.

Jackson Wang made history over the weekend as the first Chinese music artist to perform at Coachella as part of the music festival’s collaboration with 88rising, his American distributor, for Head In The Clouds Forever live.

We were all incredibly proud of Jackson for achieving not just a personal milestone but one that will affect Asian musicians greatly too.

Lay, too, recognized what an incredibly impactful moment Jackson’s performance at 2022 Coachella was. So, he shared his congratulations publicly on Instagram Stories.

| @layzhang/Instagram

Lay did the same on Weibo as well!

| Weibo

Lay’s love and support did not go unnoticed. Jackson reposted Lay’s Instagram Story, responding with a personal and uplifting message.

| @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

My brother
All sh*t dont matter
We in it for the big vision.
For the community.
For our people.
As one.
They dont see it.
But we know it so well.
They can talk all they want.
Its just noise.
We prove it by feeling it as ONE globally.
We talk for our community.
Thats it.
They not doing anything.
Negative vibe we dont give a sh*t about
We love our people.
That’s it.
We know it so well.

— Jackson Wang

Whether it was just a sincere pep-talk from one friend to another or more than that, we can’t help but think it has the potential for something greater, perhaps even lyrics to a collaboration between the two. What do you think?

Source: Koreaboo