2PM To Make Comeback As Whole Group After Junho Completes Military Service In March

2PM To Make Comeback As Whole Group After Junho Completes Military Service  In March

Boy group 2PM is expected to meet their fans and make their long-awaited comeback as 6 members with full-fledged activities this year.


2PM (JUN. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung) have been on hiatus since 2017 to fulfill their national defense duty. And now, it is reported that after Junho, the last member to complete his military service, is discharged in March, the six members will finally return to their fans as a whole.

2PM debuted in September 2008 with their first single 'Hottest Time Of The Day' and title track '10 Out of 10', showing off their irreplaceable presence and opening a new page for the K-Pop scene.

With a wild appearance that was not commonly seen on stage at the time, they was given the modifier "beast idol" in their second year of debut, and was loved by the public for their unrivaled charm with their tall, solid bodies and unconventional concepts. They even proved to be relentless "beast idol", introducing acrobatic-based choreography and making ending poses by tearing their costumes, as well as expressing heart beats in their first full-length album 'Heartbeat' performance in 2009.

Last year, the title track of their fifth full-length album, 'My House', released in 2015, re-emerged on the music charts and is still enjoying the popularity. Music videos and direct cam videos of the group's unique rich atmosphere shone, and contents based on this song were reproduced and are making big success. 'My House' is a song written and composed by JUN.K, which is even more meaningful in that 2PM's musicality was recognized.

Many junior groups, including Stray Kids, MONSTA X, and Pentagon, joined the online 'My House' craze, showcasing various covers using 2PM's stage manners as textbooks. K-pop fans are still showing their affection for the 'My House' stage, which features a concept of healthy energy and maturity. This is why expectations are pouring into the upcoming comeback of 2PM, who are the kings of their own wild category and genre.

With such enthusiastic support from fans, 2PM said, "We will come back with good contents with all the members. Please look forward to 2021, which is filled with 2PM," raising expectations for their full-fledged activities this year.