16 Of The Funniest And Most Random Lyrics In K-Pop Songs That Will Always Confuse Fans

16 Of The Funniest And Most Random Lyrics In K-Pop Songs That Will Always Confuse Fans

The way a man is described in #6 is particularly questionable…

Pretty much every K-Pop fan knows at least one song in the music genre that has a lyric that seems a little (or a lot) out of place, unintentionally funny, or just downright ridiculous!

Of course, K-Pop songs can also be incredibly deep, moving, and serious, so this isn’t to claim that there aren’t songs in the genre like that as well! But recently, fans of K-Pop created a list of lyrics on Reddit that they find to be particularly random and hilarious...

Here are 16 of the lyrics that were mentioned, along with the lyric videos for each with the start time placed at where the lines start!

1. “Just close your lips, shut your tongue.”

How many people attempted to “shut their tongue” after hearing these lyrics by Shindong in Super Junior‘s “Mamacita”?

2. “Shawty Imma party ’til the sun down.”

You can’t deny that this line from Sehun in EXO‘s “Love Me Right” is iconic.

3. “Don’t deny our r²π.”

The explanation for these lyrics from U-KISS‘s “0330” — which AJ said is supposed to represent the “hidden circle” that they and the listener are in — doesn’t change how out of place the line still seems!

4. This entire verse from JYJ’s “Mission”.

“Probably your money is unpublic
Try to save my life like a puppy and cream
Another hot movie character
Bumblebee treat me like a slave and I pray
Is it Halloween
Trick or treats oh please
Don’t even try to pull my head own your way
Brand new person a man
So f*** off no more talk.”

Can anyone really make sense of these lyrics?

5. “Hot dog feel like I wear goose goose.”

NCT‘s lyrics often have some pretty interesting lines in them, but this one by Taeyong in “Boss” is particularly unexplainable!

6. “He’s so dreamy, hot, and creamy.”

Ummm… He’s so what, exactly? HELLOVENUS has some explaining to do for this line in “Mysterious”!

7. “I need therapy, la la la la la therapy.”

Even though this line seems kind of out of place in VIXX‘s “On and On”… Relatable?

8. “Love is even more cruel than college entrance exams.”

We’re not sure what love did to the girls of LOONA to give them this line in “Hi High”, but it clearly was terrible!

9. “I be walkin’ with the cheese, that’s the queso.”

The songwriters for the English version of NCT 127‘s “Regular” definitely got creative with some of its lyrics!

10. “Pizza and pasta are so yum yum.”

Well, most people can probably agree with this statement, but what was it doing in a song like “Everyday” by WINNER?

11. “He’s like a cushion, like a waterbed.”

Um, again… He’s what, exactly? SONAMOO has some explaining to do this time for their song “Cushion”!

12. “Really wanna touch myself.”

Were the guys of TVXQ doing okay when they had this included in “Purple Line”?

13. “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, yo.”

We can’t help but put multiple NCT songs like “Cherry Bomb” on this list, their lines are just too good!

14. “Hold up (yeah), I’m a geek, the big paradox.”

Despite how little sense this line from Dreamcatcher‘s “BOCA” seems to make, Dami still somehow made it sound convincing!

15. “That’s right, you look in my eyes/Straight into my eyes and just say/’I want you, eat me like a main dish’.”

There’s something still kind of sensual about this line from MONSTA X‘s “Love Killa”, but at the same time… It’s still a little questionable!

16. “B*tch I’m a star, but no Patrick.”

And finally, a list like this wouldn’t be complete without Lisa‘s iconic line from BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.


Here Are 6 Of BLACKPINK’s Personal Favorite Scenes From Their “BOOMBAYAH” Music Video

“BOOMBAYAH” was one of BLACKPINK‘s debut songs that was released last August 2016. When they watched it again two years later, they saw the music video with fresh eyes.

To know what scenes stood out to them the most, keep on reading!

1. Lisa’s Starting Rap

First up, Rosé said that she “really likes this scene” when referring to Lisa‘s first rap in the song: “Been a bad girl I know I am.”

They could easily see how passionate everyone was in the first few seconds!

2. Jennie’s Verse

Next up, Jennie impressed her teammates with her intense rap verse. They praised her coolness and her bubble gum cut which would eventually become the video’s thumbnail.

3. Lisa’s Solo Rap

Jennie, meanwhile, personally shared how much she loves her fellow rapper’s solo part in the video. In her eyes, it’s what started Lisa’s charismatic reputation.

Isn’t that the scene that made today’s Lisa?

— Jennie

They a

lso found it memorable how fast her legs moved for the accompanying dance, something Lisa said she was requested to do.

4. Jisoo’s Sexy Scene

Everyone squealed when Jisoo‘s “Joha nan jigeum nega joha” part appeared on screen. She had on a very wet makeup look that made her seem like she was sweating.

Sexy sweating concept!

— Jennie

5. Rosé’s Floor Dance

One of the most iconic parts of “BOOMBAYAH” was undoubtedly Rosé’s scene when she slid across the floor.

Though it wasn’t the easiest to pull off, she agreed that it was the “highlight” of the performance.

6. Roller Skating Together

Finally, BLACKPINK looked on fondly at the video cuts that accompanied the bridge of the song. They had fun skating together especially because it was their first time.

Moreover, their roller skates were personally decorated by each of the members. Though they weren’t clearly shown on screen, they still loved shooting the entire thing!

Wasn’t that the first experience of roller skating for all of us? And the shoes we decorated by ourselves!

— Jisoo

To relive your memories, check out the full “BOOMBAYAH” music video below!


Here Are The Line Distributions For All 23 Songs In BLACKPINK’s Entire Discography

BLACKPINK has been in the K-Pop industry for a good amount of time now, debuting about four and half years ago in August 2016.

In that time, they’ve released a number of single and mini-albums, non-digital singles, and of course, their first full-length studio album that came out last October! Over all of these songs, it can be interesting to see if the way their lines are distributed has changed or stayed relatively similar.

Here are the line distributions for all 23 songs in BLACKPINK’s discography in percentages, as well as the total amount of lines each member has over their entire discography. Note that the total won’t quite add up to 100% due to their collaborations!

1. “Whistle”

Most Lines: Jennie (33.3%)

2nd: Lisa (23.8%)

3rd: Jisoo (21.5%)

4th: Rosé (21.4%)


Most Lines: Rosé (29.5%)

2nd: Lisa (24.1%)

3rd: Jennie (23.3%)

4th: Jisoo (23.1%)

3. “Playing With Fire”

Most Lines: Lisa (28.8%)

2nd: Jennie (28.2%)

3rd: Rosé (25.7%)

4th: Jisoo (17.3%)

4. “Stay”

Most Lines: Rosé (36.6%)

2nd: Jennie (28.2%)

3rd: Jisoo (23.4%)

4th: Lisa (11.8%)

5. “As If It’s Your Last”

Most Lines: Lisa (32.3%)

2nd: Jennie (27.5%)

3rd: Rosé (25.2%)

4th: Jisoo (15%)


Most Lines: Rosé (29.3%)

2nd: Jennie (28.9%)

3rd: Jisoo (24.9%)

4th: Lisa (16.9%)

7. “Forever Young”

Most Lines: Jennie (34.3%)

2nd: Lisa (29.1%)

3rd: Rosé (26.2%)

4th: Jisoo (10.4%)

8. “Really”

Most Lines: Rosé (31.5%)

2nd: Jennie (26.4%)

3rd: Lisa (23.4%)

4th: Jisoo (18.6%)

9. “See U Later”

Most Lines: Jennie (40.3%)

2nd: Lisa (23.7%)

3rd: Rosé (21.7%)

4th: Jisoo (14.3%)

10. “Kiss and Make Up” (with Dua Lipa)

Most Lines: Dua Lipa (44.6%)

2nd: Lisa (18.9%)

3rd: Rosé (15.5%)

4th: Jennie (12.6%)

5th: Jisoo (8.4%)

11. “Kill This Love”

Most Lines: Rosé (29%)

2nd: Jennie (27.3%)

3rd: Jisoo (22.2%)

4th: Lisa (21.5%)

12. “Don’t Know What To Do”

Most Lines: Rosé (30.8%)

2nd: Jisoo (24%)

3rd: Jennie (22.2%)

4th: Lisa (21.5%)

13. “Kick It”

Most Lines: Jennie (25.7%)

2nd: Jisoo (25.1%)

3rd: Lisa (24.9%)

4th: Rosé (24.3%)

14. “Hope Not”

Most Lines: Rosé (40.9%)

2nd: Jennie (24.8%)

3rd: Jisoo (20%)

4th: Lisa (14.3%)

15. “Sour Candy” (with Lady Gaga)

Most Lines: Lady Gaga (55.7%)

2nd: Jennie (13.1%)

3rd: Rosé (11.9%)

4th: Lisa (10.6%)

5th: Jisoo (8.7%)

16. “How You Like That”

Most Lines: Rosé (29.4%)

2nd: Jennie (29.3%)

3rd: Lisa (23%)

4th: Jisoo (18.5%)

17. “Ice Cream” (With Selena Gomez)

Most Lines: Selena Gomez (28.6%)

2nd: Lisa (27.1%)

3rd: Jennie (20.7%)

4th: Jisoo (12.3%)

5th: Rosé (11.3%)

18. “Pretty Savage”

Most Lines: Lisa (29.3%)

2nd: Jennie (26.5%)

3rd: Rosé (24.1%)

4th: Jisoo (20.1%)

19. “Bet You Wanna” (ft. Cardi B

Most Lines: Jennie (29%)

2nd: Rosé (26.7%)

3rd: Jisoo (18.1%)

4th: Cardi B (16.3%)

5th: Lisa (9.9%)

20. “Lovesick Girls”

Most Lines: Rosé (32.2%)

2nd: Jennie (23.3%)

3rd: Lisa (22.5%)

4th: Jisoo (22%)

21. “Crazy Over You”

Most Lines: Jennie (35.3%)

2nd: Jisoo (24.7%)

3rd: Rosé (21.6%)

4th: Lisa (18.3%)

22. “Love To Hate Me”

Most Lines: Rosé (28.7%)

2nd: Lisa (28.1%)

3rd: Jennie (26.4%)

4th: Jisoo (16.8%)

23. “You Never Know”

Most Lines: Jisoo (29.1%)

2nd: Rosé (26.7%)

3rd: Jennie (26.3%)

4th: Lisa (17.9%


Most lines: Jennie (26.6%)

2nd: Rosé (26.1%)

3rd: Lisa (21.8%)

4th: Jisoo (19.1%)


BLACKPINK’s Hair Then And Now: How Their Looks Have Evolved Throughout The Years

After over four years in the industry, BLACKPINK has changed in many ways. From their stage presence that just keeps on getting better to their growing repertoire of projects—and of course, their outstanding visuals—they’re becoming the best version of themselves! Even something as simple as their hairstyles have gone through evolutions of their own.

Check them out below!

1. Jennie

Pre Debut

Jennie (left) before she made her debut as BLACKPINK’s main rapper

Debut Era

Most Daring Look


First up, BLACKPINK’s Jennie has had many interesting hairstyles throughout the years. From her copper-colored wavy hair when she was still a trainee to her twin buns in her debut teaser, she was flawless in them all! She still makes waves with her recent hairdos such as with her “How You Like That” blonde bangs. Even in the simplest black hair though, she’s the definition of pretty!

2. Jisoo

Pre Debut

Jisoo before she made her debut as BLACKPINK’s lead vocalist

Debut Era

Most Daring Look


Jisoo started off as a cute young girl in a bowl cut, making her currently wavy hair the biggest transformation in the group! It’s the ultimate K-Drama lead style that complements her role as the lead actress of Snowdrop.

Her signature black look didn’t change too much throughout the years, although she wore light brown hair and even purple hair a few eras in between. No matter what she chooses, she kills it with her visuals!

3. Rosé

Pre Debut

Rosé before she made her debut as BLACKPINK’s main vocalist

Debut Era

Most Daring Look


Out of everyone in the group, Rosé is the one who has the most hair color changes. Her pre-debut era was an uncommon “Black Haired” Rosé that even her debut stages didn’t imitate. She made it hard for everyone to look away from her in her bright red hair from “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, and her current pink style perfectly goes with her sweet personality!

4. Lisa

Pre Debut

Lisa before she made her debut as BLACKPINK’s main dancer

Debut Era

Most Daring Look


Last but certainly not least, Lisa had one thing that survived throughout the years: her bangs! In fact, arguably her most daring look is when she showed off her forehead in one airport schedule. Long hair or short hair, she rocks them all, especially with her current jet black look!

No matter if it’s hairstyles or outfits, BLACKPINK always looks stunning!


Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BLACKPINK In Their “THE SHOW” Solo Stages

BLACKPINK set the stage on fire with their first online concert THE SHOW. They all had solo stages that showed off their music preferences, visuals, and of course, their unique fashion styles!

Check out the brands they used and how much they cost below!

1. Jennie

First up, Jennie wore one of the most memorable outfits of the day. Her blouse from “SOLO” was a rose top from Mihano Momosa called “Top With Flower Detail.” It retails for 870,00 EUR or around $1,000 USD.

On her arms were DOLCE & GABBANA‘s “Floral Print Long Gloves” that completed her flower patterned theme. It’s definitely more expensive than your usual gloves at a surprising $545 USD!

She was as beautiful as a rose!

2. Jisoo

Next up, Jisoo had a more emotional performance with her rendition of “Habits (Stay High)” by Tove Lo. To accompany her music, she wore an ankle-length ensemble from HALEIA. She had on both the “Voluminous Organza Bustier” that can be bought from $758 to $834 and the “Voluminous Maxi Skirt” that retails for $2,466 to $2,712 USD.

She completed her look with Sugar Thrillz‘s “Somebody’s Angel Platform Heels.” It’s the most affordable item on this list at $70 USD!

Absolutely gorgeous!

3. Lisa

Moving on, Lisa had a show-stopping performance with her cover of Doja Cat’s “Say So.” Her stage decorations and attire had elements that were inspired by jazz, such as her sequined dress from THEBLOND’s “RTW Fall 2017 Collection.”

Instead of heels, she wore Dr. Martens’ $155 USD “1460 Farrah Glitter Chunky Boot.”

She was stunning from top to toe!


Finally, though Rosé’s solo stage can’t be shared outside of those who watched the livestream, she had many other unique outfits throughout THE SHOW. One of them that was featured on her Instagram account was a short dress from For Love and Lemons called “Every Rose Strapless Dress.” It was cut on the waist to become a crop top and skirt ensemble, and it retails for $240 USD.

The highlight of her outfit was the HALEIA “Ruffled Detail Puff Sleeved Bustier” that ranges from $1,000 to $1,100 USD.

This isn’t the first time BLACKPINK showed off their individual styles through fashion. Even in The Late Late Show With James Corden, they wore different outfits despite them all following a black and white theme.


Here’s How Much BLACKPINK’s “Pretty Savage” Outfits From “The Late Late Show With James Corden” Cost

BLACKPINK‘s fashion sense is out of this world! Even in a plain black and white theme, their individual styles shine through. When they guested on The Late Late Show With James Corden to promote their online concert THE SHOW, they wore the prettiest clothes.

If you’re interested in knowing the brands they used and how much they cost, keep on reading!

1. Jennie

First up, Jennie impressed everyone in a David Koma “Houndstooth Crepe Corset Bodysuit” that retails for $770 USD. It was see-through in the middle, showing off her thin waist.

Her shoes were aptly named “Jennie Striker Chunky Bubble Trainers” from Koi Footwear. It’s the most affordable article of clothing on this list at $40 USD!

2. Jisoo

Jisoo was elegant and cool in her modified Bridal Kong‘s “Haute Couture” gown. She was known as the “girl with feathers” online, and it was a gorgeous look that matched her untouchable visuals.

To complete the outfit, her skirt came from a Dice Kayek, called “Black Belt Skirt”, and it costs an astounding $625 USD.

3. Rosé

Next up, Rosé also had on a David Koma outfit. Her off-shoulder shirt was their “Neoprene Cropped Top” that retails for just over a thousand dollars at $1,010 USD.

Her skirt was made of large sequins from Paco Rabanne. The “Paillette Embellished Skirt” can be bought for around $2,660 USD, and she looked stunning in it!

4. Lisa

Finally, Lisa’s charisma was off the charts in The Late Late Show! Her black and white outfit gave her even more swag and grace. She wore a modified version of David Koma’s “Sequin Mini Dress” (1,280 USD) over a white corset top.

Her skirt was accessorized with an Alexander McQueen “Peplum-Hem Belt” that costs $1,590 USD. Under this was shorts from THEBLONDS “S/S 2018 Collection”.

Each BLACKPINK member was head-to-toe gorgeous!